Fly the ‘Tesla of Airplanes’ at All in Aviation

All in Aviation is a one stop shop

By Emmy Kasten | Henderson, NV | All in Aviation

Action film heroes are prepared for anything. No matter what the situation, they can build traps, speak multiple languages and drive any vehicle for a quick getaway. From boats, planes, helicopters, motorcycles and more, there is seemingly no machine that they haven’t mastered. When I’m looking for workout motivation, I often think of exhilarating chase scenes, and tell myself that I need to be prepared just in case.

This “just in case” feeling combined with “just because” are the biggest reasons that I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly a plane—besides the fact that it seems super cool. So, one sunny morning, I headed to All in Aviation in Henderson for my very first flying lesson. I brought along my 11-year-old son, Ian, in hopes of igniting a new passion, or at the very least, giving him an unforgettable experience.

As Southern Nevada’s premier flight training center, All in Aviation has the most sophisticated aircraft and facilities in the state, and they are widely known as one of the top flight schools in the country. Not only do they provide flight training and pilot certifications, but they also offer aircraft rental, sales and storage.

In April 2020, they opened an impressive new facility at Henderson Executive Airport, just across from the Las Vegas Raiders headquarters. I met my instructor, Carl May, the company’s director of flight operations, at the sparkling multi-use aviation complex that includes a pilot shop, 25 hangars, five training rooms and more. May was friendly, patient and professional—and a true guru with over 20 years of combined aviation and flight school management experience. I knew I was in good hands.

May gave me and Ian a basic course on how planes fly before we headed to the brand new Cirrus SR22 for a preflight safety check—a walk around routine on the ground to make sure the aircraft is good to go. Before I knew it, Ian had fastened his seatbelt in the backseat, and I was ready to go in the front left seat.

The Cirrus cockpit was compact but comfortable, and with the exception of the multitude of buttons, switches and screens in front of me, it felt like being in the driver’s seat of a car. Even the ignition resembled a car’s turnkey start. A moment of realization swept across me as I taxied toward the runway. My heart began to race. I thought to myself, “Here we go.”

As we gently climbed above the earth, I found comfort in knowing that we were in the “Tesla of airplanes.” The 2021 model year SR22 could truly pilot itself if needed, and May was fine to let me do as much—or as little—of the flying as I felt comfortable with. I scanned the aircraft’s XM Satellite radio for the perfect music to tip our wings to aerial views of the Colorado River, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. I also tested the plane’s safety features, like the level button, which when pressed, will automatically bring the airplane to a straight and level position.

After doing some very basic airwork, the gauges and buttons grew less mysterious, and the avionics felt more intuitive. The combination of the ultra-advanced technology and the seasoned instructor and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (a signature emergency parachute system for the plane) put me at ease to enjoy the ride.

Flights like the one start at $415, but All in Aviation offers packages that will take you and your guest(s) to Zion National Park, San Luis Obispo, Grand Canyon, Big Bear and more. For a real splurge, you can treat three or four guests to the Dealer’s Choice package that includes a roundtrip flight lesson in a spacious Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet—the aerial equivalent of a luxury SUV—to any of the aforementioned regional destinations where you can stop for lunch before piloting your way back home. If All in Aviation’s new Henderson complex isn’t convenient, the company also has aircraft at the North Las Vegas Airport.

Whether you’re an experienced pilot or an adventuresome newbie like me, All in Aviation is a one stop shop. After landing safely, Ian and I walked away with a whole new appreciation for flying. I left with the swagger of an action star knowing that if I ever need to make a quick getaway, I’ll be ready. I see you, Tom Cruise.

To learn more about their packages, visit All in Aviation’s website.

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