5 Highlights of Arctic Monkeys’ Performance at Life Is Beautiful

The U.K. rock band plays back-to-back hits on the Downtown Stage without giving an inch

What do you get when you mix clever lyricism, powerful guitar riffs, and electric psychedelic vibes? Arctic Monkeys.

The British rock group played at the Life Is Beautiful event in Sin City on Friday, September 17. Since 2018, this is their biggest performance in the United States. The Downtown Stage witnessed an enthralling performance by none other than the Arctic Monkeys. With Arctic Monkeys’ seventh album dropping next month, the post-punk revival group arrived charged up and ready to rock.

Here are five highlights from the rock ‘n’ roll show at the fest.

Retro Sound Beckons Nostalgia

A swinging jazz tune played as the Arctic Monkeys took the acclaimed stage. The indie rock group’s sound encapsulates the striking flair and genre-bending style of the ‘70s hard rock era. The Arctic Monkeys resonate with an old soul vibe mixed with moody weather energy. From electrifying hits to head-banging classics, the Arctic Monkeys maintained high energy throughout the late-night show.

Back-to-Back Jam session

The Arctic Monkeys unleashed a heavy-hitter to kick-start the evening, “Do I Wanna Know?” Alex Turner and company played back-to-back jams with brief conversation in between tracks. Rather than chatting it up, Arctic Monkeys let the performance speak for itself. The delivery of consecutive songs maintained a heart-pounding experience the entire evening. Now and then, Alex thanked the crowd and Vegas for having them.

Courtesy of Life Is Beautiful

Played Fan Favorites

Aside from the opening number, the Arctic Monkeys busted out fan favorites. The rock group played bangers from their infamous AM album, including “Snap Out Of It,” “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” and “Arabella.”

Other songs worthy of an honorable mention come from their iconic Suck It And See record, like “Baby, I’m Yours,” “The View From The Afternoon,” and “That’s Where You’re Wrong.” The musical headliner also performed some of their more recent work, such as “Tranquility Base and Casino” and “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am.”

If it appears like I’m missing essential Arctic Monkeys hits here, read on.

Mind-Blowing Instrumental Solos

Nothing really kicks a rock show into gear like a mind-blowing guitar and drum solos. The band’s musicianship shines through their witty lyrics, psychedelic energy, and powerful guitar riffs. The Arctic Monkeys strutted through the night with heavy guitar and mighty drum solos. Matt Helders is arguably one of the greatest drummers in rock right now, and it shows.

Colorful lights synchronized with the instrumental highlights to create a bold and blazing display. Flashes of crimson, emerald and bright white lights illuminated the main stage during a few big numbers. This was the only unique effect I noticed in their set, which steered clear of flashy gimmicks.

Delivering a Three Song Encore 

The rock group trailed off the misty stage following the vulnerable and passionate track, “505.”

Most of the crowd, still high off their last jam session, stayed to chant in unison, “One more song!” The devout fans eagerly anticipated the Arctic Monkeys’ response. Alex Turner broke the silence by speaking into the mic to say, “We’ve got a couple more songs.”

For the encore, the Arctic Monkeys rolled out with “One Point Perspective,” their chart-topping song, “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor,” and their howling croon, “R U Mine?”

This is merely a snapshot of what Life Is Beautiful has in store for us this year. This year’s lineup will feature several other popular artists over the next few days, including Gorillaz, Lorde, Calvin Harris, and many more.

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