Behind The Scenes: The Music Man of ‘Magic Mike Live’

‘Las Vegas is home for a show like this. That’s where this show belongs,’ says Magic Mike Live’s Music Supervisor

There is something for everyone in Vegas, literally. Our city has places for self-professed pinball addicts, lovers of the creepy and marose and party people stoked to see half naked fellas flaunt what the good Lord gave ‘em. This article is for the latter of those folks, no disrespect to the others. 

I mean c’mon, these are shirtless men who are so hot that even pregnant women got up to shake their bumps (which actually happened). Sign us up!  

Before you secure your front row seat, let’s take a few minutes and go behind the scenes of a show that is as popular on the big screen as it is on the big stage – Magic Mike Live. And the man who is going to take us here is the musical supervisor for both the movie franchise and the Las Vegas show. 

He is the man who sets the sexiest tone on the Strip. It’s an important job because would the guys be as hella hot if they were stripping down to the “Sesame Street” theme? Well, ya probably, but it’s not anywhere near as sexy, or as fun, right? 

Jack Rayner talked one-on-one with Off The Strip (OTS) and gave us some background on the show, how to set fire to your own boudoir at home and of course, the music. 

The Music of ‘Magic Mike Live’

“The thing is Channing and most of us on the show are mostly the same age, so we are 90s kids. 90s R&B so in the show you’ll get a lot of 112, “Cream” and “Anywhere.” You know, a lot of those great R&B songs that are nasty, but still have some movement to them. But not degrading either.” 

Jack has almost as much history as leading man Channing Tatum does. He worked for the first “Magic Mike” movie after an earlier cut of the movie didn’t quite hit the producer’s intended mark.


He was asked to submit his music ideas to help kick up the movie, “So I sent something off and they loved it. And, then they were like, ‘can you do the rest of the movie?’ And I was like, ‘sure.’” He said this casually, as if he were reciting ingredients in an omelette. That led into the work on the sequel. From there it was onto the first Las Vegas show and the rest is Hollywood history. 

This was after a background of making his own music for himself. “I loved music, but I didn’t ever think that I would do it for a living.” He is a self professed choreographer and jokes that, “I just willed it to be.” Fast forward and soon a single movie turned into a franchise. 

And a single Las Vegas show turned into performances all over the globe including London and Berlin. But for Jack, there is no place like Las Vegas. “Las Vegas is home for a show like this.  That’s where this show belongs.” No argument here Jack. 

Half Party, Half Musical

“Ours is just one of the most fun parties, it really is,” says Jack. “You are drinking, and singing and dancing and guys are taking their clothes off and it’s not done in a lewd or weird way. This is a hybrid, a party, a show, a musical. It’s all of these things and by the end of the night you are like, ‘wow!’ It’s just a party.” Again, no argument here. 

With a 360 degree stage and a chance to see all the fellas from every angle there exists a great probability that you’ll get a different experience from your seat. “Magic Mike Live,” has VIP packages available or meet and greet options for those who want even more (yes please!). 

How to Get Your ‘Bedroom Time’ on

But, we couldn’t let Jack go without asking him how to extend the love from the stage to our own private space. Jack suggests putting on Trey Songz or Tory Lanez to get your bedroom time on. 

“They have some real, you know, red light music,” he laughs. 

Or take your pick from the songs currently featured in the list below. 

“To know that on a Wednesday night there are going to be moments of laughter and sheer joy from a group of people that are in the house,” he pauses. “I never take that for granted. Because I know that it brings actual joy and fun to peoples lives.” 

Only in Vegas can that happen on a Wednesday night kids, only in Vegas. 

Show Information

WHAT: Magic Mike Live

WHEN: Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday 7:30 p.m., 

Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m, 10:00 p.m.

WHERE: SAHARA Las Vegas, 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd


“Magic Mike Live” Song List


“Be Faithful”

“Candy Shop”

“Champagne Life”


“Darkest Light”

“I Can’t Quit You Baby”

“If I Ever Fall In Love”


“Nice & Slow”

“Open Up”




“Sex Machine”

“Stay With You”


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