‘Boombox: A Vegas Residency on Shuffle’ Readies A Throwback Hip-Hop Series at The Westgate

Hip-hop greats CeeLo Green, Tone Lōc, Kid ‘N Play and others hit the stage for an epic concert series in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is getting ready for one of the most epic hip-hop throwback residencies ever to hit the city. “Boombox! A Vegas Residency on Shuffle” is preparing to take the stage at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino this week.

The show features some of the biggest hitmakers of the ‘80s, ‘90s and’ 00s with Tone Lōc, Kid ‘N Play, J.J. Fad,  CeeLo Green and Thea Austin of SNAP all gettin’ their music on.  Is that lineup not better than a new pair of Dr. Martens?

The Who’s Who

CeeLo Green

The artists scheduled are formidable in their own right. Let’s take a beat, rewind and go over some of their individual achievements starting with CeeLo Green. Before every musician did a stint on a network music talent show, there was CeeLo Green doing it. You could say he was at the beginning of the side hustle that many mainstream artists have now come to take for granted.

CeeLo was one of the coaches on NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” There he spent four seasons alongside Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. And that was after he had accomplished much in the music world. 

CeeLo Green started out first with the Goodie Mob. In 2006, “Crazy” was released and became number one on more singles charts than penny slots at the Westgate. His music would eventually add up to five Grammys for the artist. Since then,  CeeLo has developed his own production company Emerald Productions. 

CeeLo Green / Courtesy of Brand Bomb PR

Tone Lōc

One might think that Tone Lōc has been in a club getting his ‘Wild Thing’ on since he first hit the charts in ‘89. Well, one would be wrong. In addition to the wildly successful album “Loc-ed After Dark,” Lōc has been a busy boy.  Not only was that album the second rap release to hit the number one spot on Billboard (he was first as a solo artist), it helped Lōc earn two Grammy noms and one American Music Award.

Like CeeLo Green, Tone Lōc also did some work in Hollywood. His credits include: “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “Heat” and “Poetic Justice” and most recently “Lōc.” He’s touring and hitting stages all over the world with various acts including Britney Spears and Boyz II Men.

Tone Lōc / Courtesy of Brand Bomb PR

Kid ‘N Play

If you are a product of the ‘90s and you can’t quote lines from the “House Party” franchise, we must insist you give up your cool kids card. Kid ‘N Play took a single “House Party” movie and turned it into one of the most successful series in the pop culture zeitgeist.

That of course was not their only gift to the world. They also gave us one of the most righteous dance moves in history—the kickstep. And one of the most off kilter hair trends for men, the high-top fade. Let us also not forget the television cartoon, “Kid ‘N Play,” that was brought to the airwaves from the duo.

Not too bad considering the pair recorded only three albums together from ‘88 to ‘91. Imagine if they continued to make music? The two do have some collabs that would make fellow artists throw some serious shade. Those include names like Jay-Z, Fabolos, Meek Mills and Beyonce.

Kid ‘N Play will also serve as hosts of the Boombox show.

J.J. Fad and Thea Austin

Is it love in Las Vegas? It certainly is with J.J. Fad. The “Supersonic” hitmaker joins the Boombox lineup alongside Snap’s Thea Austin and her hits “Rhythm Is A Dancer” and “Welcome to Tomorrow.”

The Deets

WHAT: Boombox! A Vegas Residency on Shuffle

WHEN: Wednesday, August 31, to Sunday, Sept. 4, and from Wednesday, September 28, to Sunday, Oct. 2.  Showtime is 8 p.m.

WHERE: Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas

TICKETS: Tickets range from $29 to $250 (VIP tickets) https://boomboxvegas.com/tickets/ 

MORE INFO: Westgateresorts.com

Speaking of concerts, watch the Downtown Rocks concert series on Fremont for FREE.

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