New Burlesque Show, Womanopoly, Comes to Downtown Las Vegas

The show debuts on Thursday, March 24 at Taverna Costera

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Womanopolylv is “not your mama’s burlesque show,” warns co-producer Elyse Elaine. The subversive monthly burlesque experience, which debuts on the Taverna Costera rooftop this Thursday, is “immersive, interactive, unexpected and in your face,” she says.

Born from the nightclubs of San Francisco’s Castro District and the strip clubs of Broadway Avenue in 2012, Womanopoly has been one of the longest-running and highest paying burlesque shows in SF ever since. “We wanted a show where we could interact with the crowd and make it more like a party … something that would challenge the classic ideals of burlesque,” Elyse says.

Elyse Elaine

The show became a mainstay in the Bay Area not just for its lively and entrancing experience, but for its inclusivity and diversity. “Our stage showcases all different body types, skin tones, ethnicities, genders,” Elyse says. “Our cast is reflective of the audience and community we serve.”

She’s hoping to make a similar impact in Las Vegas, where she and co-producer Sgt. Die Wies will host events every fourth Thursday of the month.

Sgt. Die Wies

This Thursday’s debut production, which takes place next door to Burlesque Hall Of Fame, stays true to Womanopoly’s mission. It showcases Las Vegas’ diverse burlesque talent and features Elyse and Die Wies alongside performers Miss Rockwell DeVil, NuttyBoltz, Neon B. Carter, I.L.Y Royale (w/cheese) and more, with host Marquan Thomas of Hot 702.5 FM.

“Just like our show in SF, we want to create a safe place for people to come sharer space with liberated performers,” Elyse says. “We want to inspire, uplift, challenge the audience to look at the world of burlesque through a more authentic lens.” 

The show is on Thursday, March 24 (and every fourth Thursday) at 8 p.m. Tickets are priced at $20 (link in womanopolylv instagram’s bio) The venue is located at 1031 S. Main St.

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