CoCo Fest Celebrates Las Vegas Artists at Fergusons Downtown

Las Vegas artists gather to perform at a one-day festival featuring three different stages

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Coco Jenkins is the backbone of Las Vegas music. From playing in fabled live hip-hop outfit RNR to founding popular event guide/event production company, Nothing To Do In Vegas, and teaching youth music classes. She not only pushes Las Vegas culture forward, she creates it and passes it on to future generations like a sacred tradition. It’s only fitting that she gets a righteous celebration of her own.

Enter CoCo Fest, a one-day celebration of music, art, dance, food and more, held this Saturday, July 30 at Fergusons Downtown from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. The festival features three stages with live performances by Coco herself, rappers, Saucey Downs and SPXTRM, Anaheim hip-hop collective, WOMC and more; a Konnected stage with acoustic sets by Dama Vicke, Chris Mendoza, David Rice and more; plus a DJ lounge featuring The Rabbit Hole collective, a fashion show, sideshow acts, live art and much more.

“I do it to celebrate myself, which is really celebrating my shared experiences with people just through my lens/vessel,” CoCo says. “I’m made up of all the music, art, and people I’ve experienced, and I love celebrating that! I do have a feel for things that are real, and love to connect those that want to connect to something real.”

Previously known as Cococh*lla (the multimillion dollar company issued a cease and desist for using “chella” 🙄), the festival began several years ago as a way to celebrate Las Vegas music while playfully riffing off Coco’s name. It’s gotten bigger and bigger each year, bouncing from Las Vegas Country Saloon to Bunkhouse to Brooklyn Bowl and, now, Fergusons.

“Every year I’ve strived to provide fun and unique experiences that you wouldn’t find at other events,” Coco says.

Just as the festival, Coco herself has evolved as a person and artist. Saturday’s attendees will be able to witness that creative growth on the main stage.

“This will be my first solo CoCo Jenkins performance where I’ll be building my beats live using a looper, midi controller, Ableton, and also using my bass, cello and vocals to create my songs. I will have some guest artists with me too!” she says. 

Courtesy of DTLV

The event is on Saturday, July 30 from 7 p.m. until midnight. Tickets start at $15. Find tickets in the link on Nothing To Do’s Instagram Bio.

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