Athletes Favor Cosmic Seed For Cannabis-aided Recovery

Vegas-based athletes speak on the benefits of CBD and THC recovery aids

Cannabis: the happy, holistic healing stuff that’s garnering more love and attention by the day — especially from professional athletes. Most people know cannabis as a purely recreational substance. In recent years, discussions of its healing properties are entering the mainstream media, in the form of successful, real-life case studies.

One company is bridging this conversation surrounding athletes and cannabis use in a big way. Missouri-based grow factory Illicit Gardens is currently running their “Cannabis from the Cosmos” campaign to celebrate their Cosmic Seed product line. The brand representatives are a high-caliber group, consisting of athletes performing at the national level in dance, contortion and other performance fields.

Off The Strip spoke with two of Cosmic Seed’s Las Vegas-based representatives, Kymber* and Jenny Bascos, about their experience with using THC to aid performance and recovery.

Before the introduction of Cosmic Seed’s cannabis products, the two performers used different products and methods to recover from training sessions. Bascos used Tiger Balm and Ibuprofen to maintain her health, while Kymber would turn to ice, foam rolling and hot showers for physical recovery.

After the introduction of CBD products, Kymber notes that her mental intentions improved when training and practicing with cannabis aids.

“Cannabis really helps [you] relax and get in the zone to focus. CBD has helped with my anxiety a lot,” says Kymber.

Bascos first tried, “a CBD balm that came recommended for sore muscles and inflammation after intensive training.” She eventually sampled edibles, which gave her a positive experience.

Jenny Bascos / Courtesy of Cosmic Seed

“I took them as I was winding down for the night,” she recalls, “and found that shifting from a very active state of mind to a more relaxed state came with much greater ease. Best of all, I slept soundly through the night … The next day my energy levels were fantastic!”

With Cosmic Seed’s product line, the difference in daily performance went beyond training sessions.

“When I tried a product with CBD, I did experience relief from fatigue as well as a lightness in mood which was thoroughly enjoyable,” Bascos explains.

Residents and visitors recognize that cannabis is a fixture in the city’s economy. Las Vegas has witnessed dozens of dispensaries open in the last five years alone, contributing to the unique cannabis tourism industry that helps sustain both the market and reputation of “Sin City.”

As a lifetime resident of Las Vegas, Kymber has witnessed firsthand the significant growth of cannabis culture in Vegas in recent years.

“The cannabis culture has definitely blossomed here in Vegas,” Kymber says. “More people are open to the idea and concept of it and it helps many physically and mentally every day. But like anything there’s always two sides to it.”

As an extensive traveler, Bascos has experienced cannabis culture across several countries. She notes that the US is a greater proprietor of CBD and THC products.

Jenny Bascos / Courtesy of Cosmic Seed

“It seems like it’s more commonly used here for sure,” she states, as “more as a coping mechanism than for conscientious healing purposes.”

As with any substance, use in moderation is always advised. Both athletes offer their recommendations for anyone looking to indulge in cannabis products as a means of recovery.

“Always start small,” Kymber advises. “Everybody’s body is different, what works for one person might be different for another.”

Bascos echoes this sentiment. “I’d (still) recommend trying or using cannabis for healing as well as recreational purposes intermittently,” she says.

For recommendations, OTS asked the performers what their favorite Cosmic Seed products are, and the results are in. Bascos declares that the Jalapeño Pineapple gummies are “delightful,” while Kymber recommends the “Zen AF” preroll. “Anxiety be gone!” she says.

Interested in cannabis recovery aids? Learn more about Cosmic Seed and Illicit Gardens.

*Surnames have been omitted.

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