7 Places to Celebrate Cuffing Season In Las Vegas

Celebrate Cuffing Season with the one you can’t stop thinking about

Seasons don’t change in Las Vegas so much as they collide. Not only does the holiday season hit just as “fall” arrive—yes, it’s December but all the leaves are just now changing colors and coming off the trees—but we’re also right in the middle of Cuffing Season.

For the uninitiated, Cuffing Season arrives toward the end of each year, when hopeful (not hope-less) romantics come together to stay warm during the coldest months while discovering new and exciting things about one another. The dictionary tells us Cuffing Season begins in October and runs through Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean the love’s not meant to last.

If you love seeing couples in love, here are seven Las Vegas destinations to celebrate Cuffing Season with the one you can’t stop thinking about.

BrewDog Las Vegas

One of the Strip’s newest drinking destinations is also a logical choice for Cuffing Season couples. The rooftop patio boasts Strip-side views, fire pits, and super-cozy lounge furniture (and heat lamps) to get close to someone; plus the place is stocked with board games—from Connect Four to Sorry! and more—to bring out your competitive sides. BrewDog prides itself on its 99 taps of craft beer, so the romantic part of the experience really sneaks up on you. brewdog.com/usa/las-vegas

Courtesy of BrewDog

Downtown Cocktail Room

They may have added a handle to the door, but everything else about this Fremont East fixture is just as classic and cool as it was when it debuted back in 2007. Deep, dark reds, minimal lighting, house music, and cocktails that are always just right – these things define Downtown Cocktail Room, and like the great Wayne Newton, it doesn’t need to change with the times. If your idea of romance involves an intimate conversation in an intimate setting, your search begins and ends here. downtowncocktailroom.com

Enchant Las Vegas

It makes perfect sense that the seasonal Enchant Las Vegas at Resorts World is presented by Hallmark, because when you walk through the place it’s like being in one of those holiday movies. Just imagine going down there on a Saturday night—the only night you’re available because you’re a workaholic and it’s hard to pull yourself away from your very busy schedule—and running into some ruggedly handsome but cleans-up-nice CW-type fellow who, at first, rubs you the wrong way, but soon begins to rub off on you.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Miller

After a while, you decide to join him on the ice rink and show him your skating skills while he stumbles because of his inexperience—you find it somewhat charming. Then, during a stroll through the Christmas village you begin to bond and realize that, despite all of your differences, you have a few things in common, especially your shared love for Christmas. Eventually, you’re enjoying an alcohol-infused holiday beverage at the Tipsy Tree Lounge together, when it hits you that maybe work isn’t everything and it’s time to give love a chance. Just look at you, the new Lacey Chabert! enchantchristmas.com/las-vegas-nv-resorts-world/

Golden Steer

Maybe it’s because this list is being written on Frank Sinatra’s birthday (December 12) or maybe it’s because some of us are obsessed with classic Las Vegas, but if you want to enjoy a classy Cuffing Season occasion, you need to drink in Golden Steer on Sahara west of the Strip. A favorite of legendary Las Vegas entertainers, including the aforementioned Chairman of the Board, Golden Steer hooks you with its classic steak and seafood menu, and a bar scene that’s perfect for bonding over the cocktail of your choice.

Plus, you and your Cuffing Season connection can play that game where you look at the person sitting alone at the bar and try to guess if they’re a local or visitor. Hint: If they’ve got a polo shirt tucked into their Dockers, they’re here for a convention. goldensteerlasvegas.com

Mount Charleston

You’re not gonna see too much snow on the ground in Las Vegas, so if you want to make snow angels together, take that drive up to Mount Charleston and celebrate the season in the Spring Mountains. There’s a pop-up structure in place where the Lodge used to be—and hopefully will return soon—and a romantic walk on a snow-packed trail can bring you and your Cuffing Season love closer together. gomtcharleston.com

The Neon Museum

If you’re into outdoor light displays, you could really surprise your Cuffing Season partner with a visit to Las Vegas’ Neon Museum. Bundle up, stay close together, and take a guided, 45-minute tour of the Main Boneyard, where so many classic neon signs have been preserved for posterity. This year, the museum also added its “Brilliant! Jackpot” show, which uses light projection on unrestored signs, giving them new life and giving you a perfect romantic backdrop for your Instagram photos. neonmuseum.org

Pinot’s Palette

You know you’ve found the right Cuffing Season connection when the person you’re with brings out the creative side in you. To that end, plan a playdate at Pinot’s Palette in Boca Park, where you’ll both have a chance to showcase your artistic talents—painting together—while bonding over bottles of wine. When it’s over, you’ll have a memory of your time together. pinotspalette.com

Need some inspiration for your next Cuffing Season outing? Here’s a playlist to energize your evening. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/74XV2QZETFnBsfNuLY3hAj?si=23ba112c29f74118.

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