7 Secrets About Greenland Supermarket

Visit the largest Korean grocery store in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a melting pot of over two million residents. They all play a a part in making the city an epicenter of culture.

Therefore, there are plenty of staple international grocery stores in Las Vegas, and one stands out as the go-to for all things Korean: Greenland Supermarket.

1. It is The Largest Korean Grocery Store in Las Vegas

Greenland is the largest Korean grocery store in Las Vegas, compared to other stores like 99 Ranch and 168 Supermarket in Chinatown.

Every section is simply more abundant than its competitors. The produce section, meat counter and aisles are longer and more stocked with goodies. Even the kitchen wares section is sizable, and shoppers can purchase everything from skillets and chopsticks to dining mats and house slippers.

Their grab-and-go options are also unmatched. Any Korean mart worth its salt will have on-the-go snacks to snag for the busy shopper, and Greenland doesn’t disappoint. Sample rice cakes to kimchi jjigae (stew) and authentic kimbap—which is like sushi in reverse—for tasty options that are also healthy.

Tip: If the store has them, grab some Binch cookies. You read that right—Biscuit IN CHocolate cookies. They’re a delicious dessert that isn’t always in stock, so grab a box when you can.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

2. Greenland Sells Makeup, Skin Care and Other Korean Beauty Products

K-beauty is a huge phenomenon in and out of Korea. Head over to the beauty stall for makeup, hair care products and a wide selection of face masks. Brands like Innisfree are in plentiful supply, and iconic Kpop artists like Blackpink look down on shoppers, products in hand, on posters advertising creams and serums.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

3. They Have A Food Court

The age-old advice of “don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry” doesn’t apply here.

Greenland has a row of food court dining options with authentic Korean dishes. Visit Island Style for some bibimbap, bulgogi and even musubi for a quick grab-and-go snack. Other stalls sell cold soups and noodles, coffee and other traditional meals.

Still hungry? Venture to some of the Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas for a formal meal.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

4. Visit Greenland Supermarket on November 11

For any fans of Pocky, the thin chocolate-dipped pretzel snacks, this is the next best thing to Christmas.

Pepero Day is a Korean holiday where people give Pepero to the people they love. It could be a teacher, a friend or a partner.

On and around November 11, Greenland Supermarket discounts its Pepero to almost nothing, with boxes costing less than $1 around this unofficial holiday. Stop by mid-November to grab several boxes to give to your loved ones at a discount.

5. Get Squid Game Merch

K dramas are growing in popularity. Squid Game is one of the most recent worldwide hits, with well over two billion hours of viewership. At the Korea Plaza shopping center, you can grab some of the signature Squid Game garb, including the black helmets with geometric shapes like the ones worn by the TV show’s characters. With graphic tees and other novelty items available, the sections aren’t unlike a Hot Topic.

Korea Plaza also has a collection of clothing available. In traditional fashion, the clothes are modest, with skirts and blouses as the most common selection. There is also a small row of loose, brightly-colored stretch pants available, which are worn by farmers on Jeju Island, and are revered as being both durable and comfortable.

Stop by these clothing stores to the right of the front entrance.

6. They Also Sell USA Name Brands and Japanese Products

The familiarity of Heinz ketchup and Nesquik isn’t lost here. Greenland also has a sizable selection of name-brand American products alongside their Korean equivalents. It isn’t unusual to see Hellmann’s mayonnaise next to a nondescript bottle of Korean-brand mayo, or Hello Kitty spaghetti sauce and Ragu.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

The neighboring countries are present at Greenland. Certain Japanese products like ramen and candies are mixed in with Korean ones, and Barefoot wine and sake sit right alongside the soju.

7. Services are Aplenty

Food and beauty are not the only fields that Greenland Supermarket excels in.

A travel agency is situated in the front lobby next to a bakery stall that is stuffed with breads, cakes and other treats. A ginseng market, something commonly found in the streets of Korea, is tucked behind the travel agency. Even the stalls lining the entrance to the aisles have something to offer, like appliances and different accessories and jewelry.

Putting those K beauty products into action is as easy as stopping next door from the stall. A hair salon and a nail salon sit in the back left corner of the shopping center, to cover all of those self-care needs.

Visit Greenland Supermarket Las Vegas

The nostalgia is strong for anyone that has visited Korea—or anyone that has lived there.

Take it from a former expat that lived in Korea for several months. The familiarity in the brands—and even the employees themselves—is reminiscent of this kind and accommodating culture. It doesn’t matter if Greenland Supermarket is your first visit or your 100th visit. The store will welcome you with open arms—and delicious smells.

Located on Spring Mountain in Korea Plaza, Greenland Market is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Food court hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. It gets busy in the early afternoon but have no fear; there is plenty of parking.

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