Which Horror Movie Fits You Based on Where You Live in Las Vegas

See which horror flick fits the vibe of your neighborhood

By OTS Staff | Las Vegas, NV

Each neighborhood in Las Vegas has its own personality just like an iconic horror flick. From an eerie summer festival escalating into a gruesome ritual to a wealthy banking executive spiraling into a dark violent psychopath, there is a horror film to match the eerie vibes lurking in every dark corner of Sin City. Let’s see which scary movie fits your neighborhood’s vibe.


Midsommar” captures the warm and vibrant energy of Summerlin, but also seems like a place that could host a summer festival that takes the wrong turn. “Midsommar” is the story of a couple in a rocky relationship traveling to a mid-summer festival in Scandinavia. At first glance, the festival seems like a euphoric retreat. Then, the bright celebrations devolve into a sequence of sinister scenes with violence and reveals a bone-chilling competition held by a menacing pagan cult. It’s a good thing we live in Vegas and not in this creepy cult village because just thinking about this movie raises the hairs on my arms. 

Midsommar” is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Life in a suburbia like Henderson appears mundane on the outside, but it’s not hard to imagine a “Donnie Darko” type looming in the area. The film follows a troubled teen, Donnie Darko (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), experiencing cryptic visions of a nightmarish man wearing a monstrous rabbit suit. The looming figure in the rabbit suit manipulates Donnie into committing a series of crimes after he escapes a deadly and bizarre accident. This eerie cult classic with a sci-fi twist occurs in a seemingly “normal” town like Henderson, but what is really “normal” anymore?

Donnie Darko” is streaming on Amazon Prime Video through IMDb TV free with ads.

Centennial Hills

Centennial Hills reads as a distant, high-end part of town which makes “American Psycho” feel like the perfect fit. In the classic horror novel turned film, Christian Bale depicts a wealthy New York City investment banking executive, Patrick Bateman. On the surface, Bateman appears like a successful businessman, but in reality, he conceals from his co-workers and friends a psychotic ego itching to act on his deranged and violent hedonistic urges. Thankfully, there is no Bateman character lurking around in the Hills, but it comes across as the kind of place where he might own some real estate. For double the scare, read the book that inspired this gripping horror classic.

American Psycho” is streaming on Showtime.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is an older side of the city haunted by a full ensemble of quirky characters, which brings to mind the campy horror flick, “Scream.” Directed by the horror legend Wes Craven, the film tells the story of a teenage girl named Sidney (played by Neve Campbell) whose mother was murdered a year earlier. Sidney and her friends become targets tortured by a long-faced ghost figure toying with them by using their favorite horror movies against them in a sick and twisted game. Catch up on all four of the films this spooky season before the latest installment of “Scream” debuts in 2022. Most of the cast is set to return in the new addition to the horror franchise including Neve Campbell, the ultimate Scream Queen.

Scream” (1996) is streaming on HBO Max.

Green Valley

A pleasant yet underrated part of town, Green Valley, reminds me of the setting in the bizarre thriller, “The Invitation.” In the film, Will is invited to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, Eden. The once happy couple’s relationship descended after a tragic event took the life of their son. Eden vanishes and two years later re-emerges with a new husband. And Will moved on and began dating someone new. Will and his girlfriend accept their invitation and go to the party. During the dinner party that takes place where Will and Eden had lived, unsettling details slowly piece together the notion that Eden and her new friends are upholding a frightening plan. The party builds on micro tensions between the characters that rise into an unthinkable horror. Next time an ex invites you to a party, you may want to reconsider going after watching this flick.

The Invitation” is available for rent on Amazon Prime Video for $4.99.

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is home of the Arts District which is reminiscent of the artsy setting in the latest sequel to “Candyman” (2021). With director Nia DiCosta and writer Jordan Peele on the project, this sequel follows Anthony, an artist, and his partner who moved into Cabrini several years after the Cabrini Towers were torn down. After unexpectedly crossing paths with a local “old-timer,” Anthony learns the true story looming behind the Candyman legend. The artist in him is eager to add the “macabre details” he discovers to his paintings; however, he unintentionally awakens a horrific and complex past that stirs a wicked wave of malevolence. 

Candyman” (2021) is now playing in theaters streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Which horror film hits closest to home?

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