Shop at the Best International Grocery Stores in Las Vegas

Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world without leaving Las Vegas

The Strip isn’t the only place to sample world cuisines. Vegas Valley has a selection of international grocery stores that cater to its diverse community, spanning across all continents—except Antarctica, of course. Check out some of the best international supermarkets in Las Vegas next time the craving for exotic food hits.

Eastern European

Jones Market

Jones Market is a traditional market for more than just Eastern European treats. Their frozen section has whole meals prepared, in addition to necessities like cheese and filo dough. This is the place to go to stock up on aisles’ worth of pickled vegetables and delectable dry goods.

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Malincho looks like a run-of-the-mill convenience store on the outside. However, the inside holds a treasure trove of products. Pick up some authentic Bulgarian rose oil, or head to the frozen section for ready-made pastries like baklava that can be popped in the oven at any time.


99 Ranch

Nestled in the heart of Vegas’s Chinatown lives 99 Ranch Market. Next time Korean BBQ calls your name, warm up at this depot of Korean and Japanese products that stretches from a stacked produce section to pots and pans. The bakery section is especially inviting, with floor-to-ceiling stacks of cakes, cookies and crackers from all over Asia.

Bin 168

Looking to indulge in the best and boldest Chinese food delights? Head to Bin 168 for several food staples. This large grocery store has large stretches of fresh seafood, aisles of snacks and even dish-ware.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

Greenland Supermarket

This is a massive grocery store in Korea Plaza that sells all of the best goodies. Since it’s dangerous to shop while hungry, check out the food court for extra snacks before checking off your grocery list. Read more about the secrets of Greenland Supermarket Las Vegas to explore the store further.

Middle Eastern

Aladdin Market

Need an escape? The arches at the front of this international grocery store will transport you to the streets of Greece. Stock up on halal groceries at Aladdin Market, in addition to kosher and allergen-friendly goods.

Sidra Market

Sidra Market has all of the essential fixings to whip up an authentic curry, with fresh seasonal ingredients and hand-carved meats from the adjacent butcher shop. Call ahead to place a meat order, and leave enough time to shop around for other prime ingredients like nuts, lentils and spices.


African Caribbean International Market

When groceries aren’t enough, the African Caribbean International Market has other necessities available for purchase. Shop clothes, wigs and trinkets for the household at this popular spot. Head to the back for giant mortar and pestles to grind spices, nuts and other ingredients.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Avison

Selam Market

There are over 40k Ethiopian residents in Las Vegas, and Selam Market brings goods from this east African nation to Sin City. Explore all the different spices and cuisines offered at this international grocery store.

Central American

La Islena Market

The only problem with Mexican food is that there isn’t enough of it. Stock up on south-of-the-border snacks and ingredients at La Islena Market. The store is beautifully maintained and has no shortage of fresh fruit and produce.


Las Vegas locals will recognize this popular Mexican-focused grocery chain. Check out the website for weekly deals and delicious recipes. We recommend grabbing a box of chorizo at Cardenas, for an authentic in-home cooking experience.


Hungarian Market

Hungarian Market caters to several countries’ worth of goods, from cheese and chocolate to tea and trinkets. While there are a lot of the country’s specialties, like paprika and specialty meats, the selection covers Switzerland, Germany and over a dozen others.

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