It’s All in the Cards—March’s New Moon Tarot Reading

The Page of Pentacles means new opportunities

Every new moon, our resident intuitive gives Las Vegas an honest, entertaining and thought-provoking tarot reading—for entertainment purposes only, of course.

A new moon heralds new beginnings, which goes hand in hand with the Page of Pentacles. This promising messenger card brings word of a fabulous new opportunity.

Since the pentacles represent material abundance—wealth, career advancement and cash—this opportunity is one that will lead to a possible financial windfall. 

Perhaps it has to do with Las Vegas opening back up? Our tourist engine is yawning back to life, and we’re resuming our usual festivities. With clubs and pools back in action, the bottle service will be flowing again … as will those high-dollar tips!

Of course, the opportunity is only latent. It’s hanging there unplucked like a fruit on a tree. Do you choose to do the work to grab it? To manifest what can be yours? The first step to success in our new world is getting the vaccine, which is now available to Clark County food and hospitality workers. The cards and the cosmos advise you to put in the work and then (safely) laissez les bon temps rouler!

About the Design

The traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck gets a Vegas-style remodel in the Sin City tarot deck. The original Page of Pentacles card features a medieval man holding a golden coin in a bucolic settings. A beautiful blonde dancing dealer or dealertainer takes center stage in the Vegas version. She stands at a game table on the casino floor and holds up a golden poker chip, emblematic of luck and latent opportunity. This card is an invitation to manifest your dreams of wealth and abundance. 

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