#JennaTries Sports Betting at Circa Las Vegas

Jenna Nye places her first sports bet at Circa

By OTS Staff

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OTS Media Founder Jenna Nye, a sports enthusiast, tries betting for the first time. Step by step, she learns how to use her phone to place a sports wager. 

What Jenna Tried

Jeffrey Benson, Circa’s Sportsbook Operations Manager, teaches Jenna how to place a bet during March Madness. He breaks down the simple steps on how to easily use the Circa Sports betting app. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

Photo credit: Tom Donoghue

Sports Betting 101

STEP 1: Download the Circa Sports app.

STEP 2: Visit any Circa Sports location, then go to the counter with an ID and a gaming card (also known as a players card). Then, the player is registered for sports betting.

STEP 3: Open the app and click the wagering tab. A drop-down menu will appear giving the guest all the betting options available.

STEP 4: Click the type of sport desired for placing bets, like the college basketball tab, and it will show a menu of games for that day.

STEP 5: Click the props bottom, and it will give the guest five generic props offered for each game. For example, a prop could be betting on which team will score the first 10 points in the game. If the team a guest chooses wins the first 10 points, then the guest wins the bet!

What are props? Jenna learned from Jeffrey Benson, Circa Sportsbook Operations Manager, that prop bets are a side wager on what might or might not happen within the confines of a sporting contest. 

STEP 5: After the guest picks a prop, a bet slip appears. Type in the space under risk amount the bet’s amount. The box beside it will show how much the guest could win.

STEP 6: Click the place bet button and place wagers function.

STEP 7: Finally, the app will show the guest in place bets results all the details of the successfully placed bet.

Jenna’s Bet

For her first bet, Jenna waged $10 on Colorado State’s basketball team to be the first one to score 10 points against Florida State. While watching the game, she enjoys a refreshing cold beer from a bucket of iced brewskies. 

Does She Win?

On the edge of her seat, she eagerly watches the game. The score is tied: Colorado and Florida are both at 9 points. She’s pumped as she anticipates the verdict. Finally, Colorado scores, which makes Jenna a winner! Not only is it her first bet, but it also her first winning bet. Go, Jenna, go!

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