Sing Your Heart Out With Karaoke off the Strip in Las Vegas

Rock on with some karaoke at one of these amazing spots off the Strip in Vegas

Karaoke is one of the most energetic forms of entertainment in North America. This musical trend has a permanent home stateside, with over 1,500 locations nationwide and an eclectic variation of songs to choose from. With over 30 spots in Las Vegas alone, there are plenty of establishment styles and playlists

The most renowned spot on the Strip that draws hordes of visitors is Ellis Island Karaoke. While its popularity is long-standing and justified, an entire community of karaoke hot spots sits off the Strip, ready to take on the next trove of amateur performers. Look no further than our patented list of the best bars for karaoke off the Strip, and we’ll see you on stage.

Make Your Karaoke Night a 24-Hour Excursion

Most of the traditional karaoke spots in Las Vegas operate on a late-night schedule. Their doors tend to open in the early evening and close early in the morning. Some bars are not known for their karaoke, per se, but still host events a few nights a week, to cater to the weekend warriors and occasional crooners. For those that prefer casual singing outings, or simply enjoy the atmosphere of accompanying microphones, there are several locations that cater to that ambiance.

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One of the oldest-running singing spots in Las Vegas is Champagne’s. This classic 24-hour dive bar offers karaoke every Friday through Monday from 10 p.m to 2 a.m. as well as nightly live music options. Happy hours also operate from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m and from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Sip on a triple shot espresso martini to fuel your next ballad, or select a seasonal favorite like a mango margarita. 

A classic karaoke dive. Image courtesy of

Dino’s Lounge is another veteran of the Las Vegas karaoke scene. This infamous dive bar has two and a half decades of karaoke prowess under its belt, completing the trifecta of greats that includes Ellis Island and Champagne’s. Dino’s “world-famous karaoke” begins at 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, with the ending time only specified as “late.” 

Looking for something more modern to move you? The Phoenix Bar and Lounge offers its karaoke Sundays and Thursdays starting at 9 p.m. and running late into the night. Gaze upon the majestic, fiery phoenix wings illuminating the front door as you hear the iconic voice of Sheila Wright beckoning you in for a song. The Phoenix’s entertainment options extend long after the karaoke curtain call, so take advantage of the wide array of pastimes this signature nightlife location offers.

Grab an Authentic Private Room in Chinatown

Despite their widespread locations in every corner of Las Vegas proper, there’s a historic reason that the hottest karaoke spots are located in Chinatown. The initial pairing of the microphone and music player was invented in Japan over 60 years ago, and the patent stems from the same homeland. According to the origin story, the conception of the word itself came about after a Japanese orchestra went on strike in the ‘70s, forcing the production to play prerecorded music from a machine in its place. Even the name “karaoke” itself translates to mean “empty orchestra.” 

We celebrate this piece of history through modern adaptations of orchestras that are anything but empty. As a prime representation, J Karaoke Bar is one of the most highly rated establishments in Las Vegas. The interior has a laid back, homey feel that feels just as complementary to a lounge as it does a karaoke bar. J’s customer service and high-end bar menu are also second to none.

Image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

ASSA KARAOKE is another distinctive Korean-style spot that offers traditional private rooms and a more public, open mic setting as well. Many vocal venues in Chinatown have an affinity for serving delicious fare, and this noraebong does offer prime Korean cuisine. Complete with soju, beer and beverages of the like, guests can feel like they’ve just stepped inside off of the streets of Seoul.

For another prime spot to party, Karaoke Q Studio is not to be missed. While Studio Q doesn’t offer food, hungry singers aren’t out of luck. Q Bistro is the next-door partner of Karaoke Q, where guests can order from a variety of dishes to be brought right to their rooms. Authenticity is in full force at Q Bistro, as the menu offers distinct Korean twists on American classics, such as sweet potato pizza and bulgogi tacos.

Hankering for some fried chicken while you put on a concert with your friends? Not only does 702 Karaoke serve up tender, crispy wings that will leave you salivating, but the rest of the menu will satiate the cravings of any clientele. After all, singing works up an appetite.

Enjoy the Full Downtown Experience of Karaoke off the Strip

Fremont Street is an energetic collective for locals and tourists alike. Stroll past the Heart Attack Grill and into Neonopolis, a zany hub for bars and entertainment, to find downtown’s top-tier music scene.

We recommend heading upstairs to check out Cat’s Meow Las Vegas for a beautiful blend of karaoke and live music. This brightly colored karaoke heaven draws a slew of both locals and tourists. Prepare for your performance with daily two for one happy hour drink specials from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. For the frequenters, they offer yearly passes for singers who can’t seem to stay away from the mic. A lucky few can even catch a celebrity sighting, whether in person or displayed on the website’s live cams. 

Looking to diversify your musical experience? As a cousin of karaoke, Don’t Tell Mama also lives inside Neonopolis on Fremont Street as a piano bar that does more than just put on a show. Complete with live music, singing bartenders and an interactive open mic night, there’s something for music lovers of all types to enjoy. 

Feel like dancing AND singing? Practice your two-step with some line dancing at Downtown Container Park.

Tour Around the City for More Karaoke Nights

A battle of the ballads.

While the happening karaoke bars in Las Vegas are clustered in its more iconic urban areas, a select few are worth the trek away from the Strip and downtown. For hardcore karaoke aficionados, these are for you.

As one of the premier karaoke bars off the Strip, GoGo Karaoke’s newly remodeled private rooms can house groups of up to 30 people any day of the week. It’s close enough for UNLV students to relax after a hard week of studying, as well as other locals and visitors looking for an “unpretentious hotspot.”

Another lyrical lounge that sits nestled in the ultra-walkable Arts District is Ninja Karaoke. Alluring red and black decor sets the perfect mood to serenade a crowd. The music selection is also practically unmatched, with a discography containing over 154,000 songs in 15 languages. New song releases mean fresh updates to their repertoire and a wider selection for the up-and-coming karaoke stars of Sin City.

A typical night at Ninja Karaoke. Photo courtesy of Ninja Karaoke

Lastly, if you find yourself in the southern corner of Las Vegas, Ganzy Karaoke is a hidden gem that’s ready to host. Open since 2018, the menu features a blend of Korean and American cuisine that pairs with predominantly Korean-style machines and song lineups. You don’t want to miss these fun, retro-inspired VIP rooms at unbeatable prices and an excellent happy hour. Catch a song from 7 p.m to 4 a.m. every Thursday through Sunday.

Prepare to Hit the Stage

No matter where you choose to show off your vocal skills, our lineup of karaoke bars off the Strip will not disappoint. Every venue mentioned is a buzzing, in-demand spot, especially Friday and Saturday nights. It’s common for avid singers to snatch up rooms several days in advance. Therefore, to ensure that your group has a phenomenal experience, call in advance to reserve a room or a table. 

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