Las Vegas Nonprofits To Consider For Giving Tuesday 2022

Since Giving Tuesday began, acts of generosity have been seen in over 80 countries and have given way to official national movements

“My life is a currency meant to be spent on others.” – My big sister 

While I can’t tell you if my big sister was the originator of this quote, what I can tell you is that her attitude on giving is shared with some pretty incredible people. A quick Google search on “quotes about giving” turns up over 1,860,000,000 results. Lots of people have lots to say about giving.

But how many of us actually do it?

Today inflation, mortgages, rent and gas are some of the basic necessities that are at an all time high. 2022 could make a run for the hardest financial year in recent memory for many in our community. For this reason, Off The Strip is highlighting ten local lesser known charities for Giving Tuesday, the global movement that encourages giving.

What is Giving Tuesday?

The idea of Giving Tuesday is believed to have started in 2012. The small idea of giving of your time or money has had a gigantic impact across the world. Since it began, acts of generosity have been seen in over 80 countries and have given way to official national movements. From #GivingTuesday to #MardiJeDonne to #UnDiaParaDar to #ЩедрыйВторник and so many more, nations are creating their own charitable campaigns across the globe.

That said, we wanted to feature smaller nonprofits here in our own backyard that need help. Below find a nonprofit in need in the following categories: children, women, veterans, pets and religious charities. What better time to help out our neighbors than to celebrate the giving season on November 29—Giving Tuesday. 

Donate to Children Charities

The Assistance League of Las Vegas

Mission: Transform the lives of children through philanthropic programs in our community.

About: The Assistance League Las Vegas (ALLV) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that is all volunteer-based. In the last four decades, the ALLV has served over 163,000 school kids in Clark County. The organization targets low-income families with kids in grades K-12. 

In all, there are a dozen different programs that help children at various points in their young lives. For example, there is the program AL’s Closet that provides emergency clothing by stocking clothing closets at local schools. For older kids, there is a scholarship program that offers scholarships to Clark County high school seniors who are planning on attending accredited Nevada colleges and trade schools. The Assistance League is a robust nonprofit whose reach is far and wide.

Ways To Help: Money, money, money. A donation of only eight dollars will provide two cuddly bears for children in crisis. For one dollar more you can pay for the contents of one hygiene kit. For $15 ALLV will purchase a new pair of athletic shoes for a child coming. 

Additionally, since ALLV is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, volunteers are always needed. Membership is open to any individual, regardless of race, color, creed or ethnic background. Volunteer your time and be among the 400 dedicated members who contribute over 50,000 hours annually to our philanthropic programs. Background checks are required of all volunteers.

For more information:

What: Assistance League of Las Vegas

Where: 6446 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

Phone: (702) 870-2002


Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights

Mission: Improve access to health care by providing financial assistance to low-income kids for commercial air travel. 

About: You no doubt have heard about Miracle Flights, but did you know that they are the nation’s leading medical flight charity and they are the only one headquartered in Las Vegas? Since it was founded in 1985, Miracle Flights has donated more than 100,000 free flights covering more than 75 million miles. With more than 600 flights flown in a month, the Vegas-based nonprofit provided free flights to needed medical treatments as many times as necessary, regardless of the distance.

Ways To Help: A donation of just $25 will fly a patient 100 miles. Many of the stories of the kids who have been helped by Miracle Flights are up on their website.

For more information:

What: Miracle Flights

Where: 5740 S Eastern Ave, Ste 240, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: (702) 261-0494


The Children’s Heart Foundation

Mission: Children’s Heart Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of families through emotional, educational and financial support to inspire a higher quality of life for all.

About: Sadly, heart problems in children are surprisingly common. They are, in fact, the most common type of birth defect. Nearly twice as many children die from congenital heart disease in the United States each year as those who die from all forms of childhood cancers combined. Children’s Heart Foundation was founded by a unique and passionate group of parents and Nevada pediatric cardiologists who know through experience the emotional and financial toll exacted by a child’s heart condition. With this knowledge, the Children’s Heart Foundation is committed to helping kids get to the point where they can laugh and play. Especially those children born with lifelong medical conditions.

The Children’s Heart Foundation has four goals: to provide a carefree camp experience for children with heart conditions; to educate healthcare professionals and the general public on pediatric cardiology issues; to lend support to families as they deal with the emotional and financial toll exacted by a child’s heart condition and finally; and to support research in the area of pediatric cardiology.

For More Information:

What: Children’s Heart Foundation

Where: 3131 La Canada Street, Ste. 110, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone: (702) 967-3522


Help Women Nonprofit Organizations

The Shade Tree

Mission: To provide safe shelter to abused and homeless women and women with children in crisis; as well as, offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance. 

About: The Shade Tree Organization believes that no one should ever have to endure a state of homelessness, existing in fear for personal safety and without the means to meet even the most basic of human needs—food and shelter. 

Unlike many nonprofits that help abused women and children, Shade Tree allows those in need of their services to bring their family pets. This is a truly remarkable resource that cannot be highlighted enough.

Ways To Help: Monetary contributions are always needed. Donors can fund a single woman, a woman and child or a family with a pet for a night, a week or a month. If your preference is to donate items, Shade Tree has an extensive list of the most needed items here. The Shade Tree Organization takes donations by appointment only for the security of those on site. It is for this reason alone that we are not publishing the address. 

For more information:

What: The Shade Tree Organization

Phone: (702) 385-0072



Mission: Guiding women recovering from trauma to return to the workforce and achieve financial independence.

About: Empowerment is in the DNA of this 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Unshakable works with women who have very little, if any, work experience and those with gaps in their education or have arrest records. These women struggle to get gainful employment after completing therapy and rehabilitation programs. Without a path to success, many women have a tendency to fall back into the lifestyle they worked so hard to free themselves from. Unshakable works with other nonprofits to help with housing and therapy. They also partner with local businesses to help women get back on their feet. At their core Unshakable believes a woman’s economics don’t change, then neither can their future.

Ways to Help: A monetary donation is always welcome. If you would rather give your time, you can volunteer for one of the groups “Coffee for Courage.” 

For more information:

What: Unshakable

Where: 2654 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy  B5-298, Henderson, NV  89052

Phone: (702) 213-4277


Contribute to Veteran Philanthropies

Kline Veterans Fund

Mission: The Kline Veterans Fund provides emergency housing assistance and other support to homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families in Southern Nevada.

About: The Kline Veterans Fund has a simple straight forward belief—that every American who has risked his or her life to protect our country deserves a place to call home. To date the KVF has invested $772,243 in local veterans, served 2,734 veterans and has sheltered almost 4,000 veterans. With many resources available to veterans, the Kline Veterans Fund is helping in every way possible. 

How to Help: Monetary donations big and small are always welcome. The money is immediately deployed to help veteran households in crisis through rent/mortgage assistance, rapid rehousing, utility assistance and related programs and services.

For More Information:

What: Kline Veterans Fund

Phone: (702) 560-1748


22 Warriors Foundation

Mission: Committed to addressing the issues that lie behind suicides, high risk behaviors, untreated mental illness and lack of resources for veterans and first responders. 

About: It is reported that in America 22 veterans take their own lives. The number is higher if older veterans are counted, according to the 22 Warriors Foundation. The nonprofit is determined to make a real difference in the lives of veterans. Their motto, “Until 22 becomes 0,” is at the foundation of their work. Twenty-Two Warriors Foundation has three main goals: provide 100% cost free services regardless of discharge status, be the resource and hub for those in immediate need and to be the voice for the 22.

For veterans in the Las Vegas valley, 22 Warriors offers up monthly mixers for veterans and businesses to take part in. They happen every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Las Vegas Distillery located at 7330 Eastgate Rd. Ste. 100, Henderson, NV.

Ways To Help: Money is most needed for the 501 c(3) charity. 

For more information:

What: 22 Warriors Foundation

Where: 112 Water St. #106, Henderson, NV 89105

Phone: 702-906-2073


Photo Courtesy of Dani and Jan, RRLV

Help Animals in Need

Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas

Mission: This 100% volunteer-based nonprofit organization is hell bent on saving overseas dogs in unthinkable conditions, including meat farms. 

About: The Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas focuses on specific breeds (mainly Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers) because it is this breed that is believed in some cultures to have purer blood and more tender meat for eating. 

Their loving nature makes them easy targets for meat farms overseas. RRLV will rescue a dog in a foreign country, get it seen by a vet and then bring the rescued animals to Las Vegas to be welcomed into a new family. RRLV has given over 600 families joy with the addition of a rescue dog. That includes some members of the Golden Knights and yours truly. 

Ways to Help: With an average cost of $1000 to bring a dog to Las Vegas, money is golden with this rescue. Blankets, new toys or food is more than welcome as well. However, you can donate your time, too. Volunteers are needed to transport rescued dogs to their new homes, vet appointments or even for a walk while they are being evaluated. 

Foster homes are also in need. Choose to foster a fur baby for a day, a week or longer—you just might find yourself becoming a foster failure like so many in the valley. 

For more information:

What: Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas


Hearts Alive Village

Mission: To nurture a compassionate society where pets are supported in their homes and on their journey to find a new home. 

About: Hearts Alive Village is the only animal rescue in Las Vegas that is an all-in-one resource for pets. HAV has a vet clinic, adoption center and rehab. Started in 2014 with a woman and her daughter, Hearts Alive Village is expanding to help even more underserved animals and their families. 

Ways to Help: Aside from donating money, you can offer a contribution to the Pet Food Bank Program at Hearts Alive Village. For the feline lovers, you can book a spot in the cat cafe and hang out with some of the adoptable kitties who need homes. One hour sessions start at only $12 with the money going back to the rescue. If you are looking to add a dog your family, feel free to look through all of the ones up for adoption.

For More Information:

What: Hearts Alive Village 

Where: 1750 S. Rainbow Blvd #4, Las Vegas, NV 89146   

Phone: (702) 870-0065


Aid Religious Nonprofits

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

Mission: Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada (CCSN) provides food, shelter and comprehensive services and inspires our community through collaboration. CCSN recognizes that each person is created in the image and likeness of God, and that God’s compassion transforms lives.

About: Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is one of the largest nonprofit social service providers in the state, offering the most comprehensive range of human services. Programs at Catholic Charities include: family services, food and nutrition services, immigration and refugee services and homeless and housing services. Catholic Charities offers help and hope to people in need regardless of race, religion or creed.

Ways to Help: You can offer up a donation to help the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada. Or, check out the volunteer opportunities available for you. Both on-location and remote services are open for volunteers

For More Information:

What: Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

Where: 1501 Las Vegas Boulevard, North Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702) 385-2662


Jewish Family Service Agency 

Mission: The Jewish Family Service Agency (JFSA) is a place for all to go in times of need. 

About: Founded in 1977, the JFSA serves all individuals regardless of religion, race, age, disability or sexual orientation. Their services include: counseling, senior services, emergency assistance, an adoption program and a food pantry. Many services are offered on a sliding scale or free of charge. 

For More Information:

What: Jewish Family Service Agency

Where: 2309 Renaissance Dr., Ste. B, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: (702) 732-0304


Sadly, we could only highlight a few nonprofits. So many more need your help. To see a list of more charities in need and their missions, visit There you can see a list of nonprofits sorted by issues, highest rated and most reviewed nonprofit. 

Regardless of who you donate to, remember to give what you can on Giving Tuesday. As so many have stated before, it truly is better to give than to receive.

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