Local Store Santa’s Wrap Offers Huge Store-Wide Discounts

The largest seasonal decor store in Las Vegas continues giving shoppers 50 percent off holiday goods at its lowest marked price

Screenwriter Liz Hackett captures the holiday retail madness best by saying, “If I don’t see two minivans lock reindeer antlers for a Target parking space, what are the holidays even about?”

The holiday shopping season is here, but inflation is significantly impacting how consumers are spending. According to Jungle Scout’s report, over 70 percent of Americans will be holiday shopping before Thanksgiving this year. The survey results also show that three out of every four U.S. consumers believe that the country is in a recession or headed there.

So, how can Nevadans and tourists on a tight budget enjoy retail therapy during the holidays as costs rise?

Enter Santa’s Wrap—the largest seasonal decor store in town—with a fully stocked holiday inventory offered at affordable prices. Avoid chaotic shopping lines and the disappointment of missing packages by venturing over to a local, family-operated business. There’s something satisfying about snagging a great deal, too.

Despite the economic downturn, this 18,000-square-foot mom-and-pop shop will continue to offer a store-wide 50 percent discount off the lowest marked price on everything in the store. Instead of marking up the costs to keep up with competitors, the shop’s owners understand that locals and travelers are struggling amid inflation. This is the place to “pop some tags” for decorations, gifts and low-cost home goods.

“We’ve been fully stocked with hundreds of beautiful holiday decor and one-of-a-kind home furnishing items for every budget since early October.”

Beth Tom, owner of Santa’s Wrap, in a statement
Photo by Bethany Paige Photography

Holiday shopping looks different this year, as we’ve already been experiencing high demand from shoppers earlier than usual, so they can space their cash flow out amidst inflation,” says Beth Tom, owner of Santa’s Wrap, in a statement. “With a recession top of mind for many, we’ve been hearing from more and more customers that they won’t be traveling this year and are instead opting to stay home and make their homes feel as cozy and cheery as possible.”

Shopping in Las Vegas, a city catering to everyone from luxuriant vacationers to thrifty locals, is another form of entertainment. Santa’s Wrap acknowledges that Vegas consumers are a unique crowd, which is why they supply an array of extraordinary holiday decorations, ornaments, gifts and furnishings year-round. While most decorations are rare, what makes the decor store stand out is that the owners “strive to bring the heart of Vegas into [their] store.”

Photo by Bethany Paige Photography

Locally owned and operated, Santa’s Wrap is a family business that started out as a pop-up shop in 2012 that mainly focused on Christmas-themed merchandise. The local emporium’s selection has evolved over the years into a business selling everyday home decorations, too. The store’s offerings range from traditional Christmas decor to farmhouse style to shabby chic. While most people are quick to buy online, Santa’s Wrap shopping is an in-store experience only. The store prides itself on being “the best little gem in Las Vegas.”

On Santa’s Wrap’s Instagram page, the store’s festive items have attracted over 21.4k followers and recently announced that they marked all their harvest decor down to 70 percent off. Whether you want to stock up on cozy, autumn-themed furnishings or shop for new holiday frills, this is a one-stop shop for all your seasonal essentials.

Photo by Bethany Paige Photography

The Deets

What: Santa’s Wrap

Where: 9850 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite #4

Hours: Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Website: https://www.santaswrap.com/

For more local and unique shopping experiences this season, check out downtown Las Vegas shop Aliya Blue.

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