Catch Live Entertainment at Level One Bar in Downtown Las Vegas

From Spotlight Poetry to LGBTQ+ night, this lounge does it all

By Zoneil Maharaj

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If you ever find yourself with nothing to do, head to Level One Bar & Lounge. The recently-opened Las Vegas Arts District bar and lounge has nightly entertainment that spans genres and interests.

Catch the Spotlight Poetry open mic on Wednesdays, live R&B performances Fridays at 8 p.m., DJs Friday and Saturday nights, live jazz followed by an LGBTQ+ night on Sundays and live blues on Mondays, with more events in the works.

“I cater to everything,” says owner Jimmy Jay. “It’s unity with me. There’s no other way I’d rather have it.”

A nightlife industry veteran and seasoned event promoter, Jimmy’s ran nightclubs and organized events all over the city. He’s always taken a diverse approach, but says it’s especially important in the Arts District. “Downtown has a flow of everybody,” he says.

Even the space itself is multifaceted. There’s hookah on the front patio, a lounge area inside, a VIP room for private parties, a live performance room with a stage and a back patio.

“Every room has a different feel,” Jimmy says.  “I wanted to create energy. That’s what creates the vibration from people.”

The vibrations have been rippling through the Arts District since opening in May.  “There’s a line out the door on jazz nights and our poetry night is very well-received,” Jimmy says.

When you pull up, you’ll likely find Jimmy out front to greet you. He’s always putting the customer first. That’s why he named his venue Level One.

“We all on the same level here,” he says. “Everybody’s a VIP to me.”

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