Little Vegas Wedding Chapel Offers Couples Unique Ways To Say, ‘I Do’

Seasonal Vegas weddings are kicked up several notches in the coming months

Las Vegas is known for its “I dos.” So much so that our marital metropolis is dubbed “The Wedding Capital of the World.” And ladies and gents that is a title that is hard-earned and well deserved.

Aside from 24-hour wedding services and your choice of Elvis to walk you down the aisle, Las Vegas has more wedding options than ways to get free cocktails at a casino—which is to say, plenty.

Little Vegas Wedding Chapel is now introducing two unique and very Vegas ways to tie the knot. First, let’s start with the more conventional and natural option for your big day. This wedding will give you and your wedding party the most open options for the ceremony. The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel is also featured on the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapels list.

The Desert Elopement

Sure, we know Las Vegas for its sparkly neon lights. But let us not forget that we are in the middle of the desert, shall we? This available option from the trusted folks at The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel should be at the top of any nature lover’s list.

If a spectacular scenic view is what you envision for your wedding, then look to the Desert Elopement package. Your wedding will take place in the El Dorado Dry Bed, just outside Las Vegas. The all-inclusive package includes your ceremony, round-trip limo service to and from, along with a serene Southern Nevada landscape backdrop. Talk about a perfect picture for the ‘gram.

Courtesy of The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel

Oh, but wait, there is more. Take a look at all of this—(inhales a big breath and readies for a long list of amenities).  

The package includes your desert ceremony and officiant; minimalist décor; wedding music; officiated marriage license; witness; cider toast flutes; unity sand ceremony; desert themed bouquet and matching boutonniere; two professional photographers; on-location photo session; private online photo gallery; 25 digital images and five edited images of choice; video recording of ceremony; keepsake sunglasses; keepsake marriage license holder; and a wedding coordinator. Whew! Get all that?

“For couples seeking a unique destination wedding experience, we are excited to offer them something a little less traditional,” said Michael Kelly, managing partner of The Little Vegas Chapel.

With the Desert Elopement package from The Little Vegas Chapel, the only thing that you and your special someone will have to consider is the weather. The price of this desert option is just under $2,700. That is less than a lot of bar tabs the city sees on a weekend. Not too shabby for this seasonal wedding option.

Drop the ‘I Do,’ and try on ‘I Boo’

Speaking of seasonal weddings, who hasn’t heard of a good ol’ fashioned scary wedding story? Heck, Hollywood has been making movies out of this concept for decades. Well, if the thought of adding more fright to your big night gets your blood pumping, then check this out.

The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel is also offering two special one-day-only choices this spooky season.

First, the “To Boo or Not to Boo” option. Only on Halloween, you and your chosen one will get hitched by a Harley Quinn officiant in the newly opened Imperial Chapel.

Courtesy of The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel

Enjoy music that is both entertaining and eerie for the occasion and Halloween inspired flowers. This special deal includes professional photography that captures you and your loved ones, along with any ghosts and goblins in attendance. A wedding coordinator will help you get your All Hallows Eve off to a bloody good start—if that is your thing. The price on this wedding special is less than $700.

The other option for your magical day is the “Spooky Love” package. For a less frightening price—that’s below five hundred bucks—you can get many of the same options in the “To Boo or Not to Boo” package. This includes a scary score to set the tone, a Halloween-inspired bouquet and boutonniere, a handful of pictures, some fuzzy dice and a wedding coordinator. The package does not include a photographer, so no worries about capturing any unwelcome spirits on your big day.

Courtesy of The Little Vegas Wedding Chapel

“We love developing fun and unique ways for couples to celebrate their big day on special dates and holidays such as Halloween,” said Michael Kelly, managing partner of The Little Vegas Chapel. “We’re decking out the Imperial Chapel in Halloween décor to provide couples with a spooky atmosphere and a haunted look for all of the fright lovers out there.”

With Halloween only weeks away, any couple looking to tie the knot should book their wedding before they stock up on the chocolate. With this one-day-only promotion, availability is limited. Couples must call (702) 385-5683 to book, or get more information.

If you want to know more and frankly, why wouldn’t you? Check out The Little Vegas Chapel.  Look at their Instagram to fill your wedding inspiration cup. If you are more of a sports fan, learn more about wedding ceremonies held at Allegiant Stadium.

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