Keeping Las Vegas Hydrated, With Kindness

Multipure marks 50 years of supplying clean drinking water by putting others first this holiday season

By Rob Kachelriess

In theory, the drinking water in Las Vegas shouldn’t be all that bad. Most of it comes from Lake Mead, which fills up—well, halfway fills up—with water melted from Rocky Mountain snow that travels down the Colorado River to Southern Nevada. Doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s a rough journey that well, can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Las Vegas has some of the hardest water in the country and anyone living in Sin City knows one big rule to follow: Beware drinking straight from the tap.

Multipure International is all too aware of this problem and decided to do something about it.  The company is marking 50 years of improving water quality by giving back to the Las Vegas community. Here’s what you need to know about Multipure and a trio of worthy initiatives this month. 

Get To Know Multipure

WHO: Multipure International is a family-owned business based in Las Vegas, led by President Zachary Rice, son of one of the company’s co-founders. 
HOW DOES IT OPERATE?: Founded in 1970, the company was the first to manufacture solid carbon block filters to improve the quality of water. In the five decades since, Multipure has only improved on its technology with industry-leading water systems and purifiers. Hook one up to your kitchen sink, your entire house or even an ice machine. The goal is the same—reduce sediment and other contaminants to improve the taste, smell and health benefits of the water in your home or business.  
WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?: To celebrate 50 years of being a part of the Las Vegas business community, Multipure is actively participating in three charity initiatives throughout the holiday season. This December, Multipure is matching all donations up to $5,000 for Miracle Flights, which provides crucial transportation for life-changing medical treatments at no charge to patients. 

Multipure is donating $5,000 to Three Square, and hosting a holiday drive for the food bank, which provides meals to low-income families throughout Southern Nevada. Canned, non-perishable food items can be dropped off at Multipure (7251 W. Cathedral Rock Drive) December 7 to 18.

Carrying on their annual tradition, Multipure is participating in the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. The company is matching all contributions by employees who remove a tag from the Angel Tree and return with a gift matching the listed age, gender and toy suggestion for a child. The goal is to provide more than 100 children with gifts this Christmas. 

How You Can Learn (and Do) More? 

In addition to seasonal giving campaigns, Multipure operates the Pure Foundation to bring clean drinking water to those in need. It also aims to spread education and awareness through school field trips and other opportunities. Donate to the effort online or email Donna Robinson to learn more.  

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