Las Vegas Arts District’s ‘Particle Ink’ and The Pepper Club Merge For Special Show Package

Two downtown fixtures team up to offer one of the best dinner and show packages in town

​​What if I told you there is an unbeatable dinner and show deal in the Las Vegas Arts District?

It’s true. The Pepper Club by Todd English, the brainchild of a James Beard Award winner, and “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” presented by Kaleidoco, a new genre-bending immersive theatre show, launched an exceptional entertainment package. Thrillist, Forbes, No Proscenium, and other local news outlets all have praised the mind-blowing production.

Here’s a taste of what to expect once you’ve reserved your spot.

A Taste of The Pepper Club

Decorated with dreamy floral arrangements and accents of neon, the dimly lit dining area is warm and welcoming. Avoid rushing dinner by arriving at The Pepper Club two hours before the show. This ensures enough time to make conversation, unwind with a glass of champagne, and get cozy while savoring every bite.

The four-course meal serves generous portions, so I highly recommend sharing. This also allows guests to try more dishes in one sitting. Each course, besides the dessert, comes with three different options. 

Here is a breakdown of the show package’s special menu.

First course choices are:

Miso Soup – Tofu, Wakame, scallions and Shimeji mushrooms 

Pallet Town – Spring mix, shaved heirloom carrots, cherry tomatoes and fried wontons

Caesar Sama Salad – Tofu dressing, little gem romaine, cucumbers, bubu arare and fresh grated parmesan

I had the Caesar Sama Salad served in a sleek black bowl. The tofu dressing was creamy, and the romaine was crisp. My husband ordered the Miso Soup. The food server informed us that the restaurant locally sourced the mushrooms, which may have contributed to their prominence in the succulent soup.

Miso Soup / Courtesy of English Hospitality Group

Second course choices are:

Taco Belle – Teriyaki, short ribs, serrano chilis, spicy citrus slaw and micro cilantro

Otakurama – Shrimp tempura, cucumber, Unagi, avocado, Masago, spicy aioli, Sriracha, Unagi sauce and Goma

Kanpaccio – Serrano chilis, cherry tomatoes, passion fruit shoyu, red onions and micro greens

Taco Belle / Courtesy of English Hospitality Group

For the second portion, my husband ordered Taco Belle, and I tried the Otakurama sushi roll. My husband said he could eat a whole bowl of the juicy short ribs beef. He raved about the quality of the meat. My Otakurama was packed with spicy, creamy and zesty flavors. It was a festival of seasonings partying on my palate.

Third course choices are:

Sashimi Platter – 10 pieces of assorted Sashimi (a Japanese dish of bite-sized raw fish pieces)

Genghis Short Ribs – Black pepper teriyaki, fingerling potatoes, pearl onions, broccolini and pineapple

The Fun Guy – Mushroom fried rice with a vegetable medley

We both shared an order of the Genghis Short Ribs and The Fun Guy entree. The short ribs were tender, they shredded apart effortlessly. The mushroom fried rice was a balanced dish with savory seasonings and a pleasant texture. Both dishes were exquisite, but meat lovers will regret not going for the short ribs. The fried rice dish is a great choice for a healthy alternative.

The dessert:

Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée / Courtesy of Melissa Gill

The dining experience ends on a sweet note with a Crème Brûlée topped with fresh berries, a sprig of mint and a dollop of whipped cream. The crackle on top sealing the velvety custard tasted a tad bitter, but the custard possessed a subtle sweetness that was pleasant.

Throughout the evening, the waitstaff was genuinely friendly. The food server kept our drinks filled and regularly checked on us. The music was a little loud, but that is my only gripe.

After a satisfying meal, we strolled across the street to check-in for “Particle Ink.” The website advises arriving 15 minutes before the show begins. Benches are situated beside an air conditioner and complimentary water dispensers for guests to stay cool.

‘Particle Ink: Speed of Dark’ Experience

Part of the magic of “Particle Ink” is in the discovery. The LightPoets show is a hands-on sensory experience that invites guests to become part of a heartfelt quest to set free Lumens, or animated light beings, in the Ink Metaverse. 

What is the Ink Metaverse? The website describes the mixed-reality exhibition as “that weird space where the rabbit waits before being pulled out of the hat and where creative ideas wait to be discovered.”

The main plot follows an artist and his partner as they mourn the death of their child. The artist copes with his loss by bringing his art to life, but in order to save his new Lumen friend, he must defeat the Ink God.The lively animation, enthralling performances, enchanting props, and ethereal music all contribute to a captivating adventure. Between scenes, the performers  encourage guests to explore each themed room for clues.

“Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” / Photo Credit Denise Truscello

In hopes of not dropping too many spoilers, the only unique experience I will touch on is of a chipper puppet that offers Tarot readings. The Ink Metaverse has its own unique divination deck. As a self-taught tarot reader myself, the reading deeply resonated with me, while other spiritual readings I’ve had with past professional seers felt less genuine. It might have been part magic, part divine timing, but it was a profound message to me. To “pay” for my tarot reading, the puppet asked me to do a playful little dance.

Local Tip: Wear comfortable clothes because guests are prompted to move around the exhibition to take in the full experience.

The hour-long production is a glimpse of how digital art and live action will potentially redefine entertainment. I encourage attendees to suspend all skepticism in order to get the most out of it. Keep phone usage to a bare minimum and stay present. Finally, explore all the interactive art embedded within this imaginary realm.

Several times throughout the show, goosebumps pricked up and down my arms. The spirited setting is surreal at every turn. Still photos are unable to capture “Particle Ink’s” hypnotic and moving delivery, despite the promotional images’ stunning quality. There is more to the Ink Metaverse than what is visible, but you have to witness it yourself to understand. No written review will truly convey an experience that is meant to stir the heart.

The show package costs $120 per person. Fans of AREA15, augmented reality experiences and Todd English’s cuisine won’t want to miss out on this otherworldly experience.

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