‘Spark Light it Up’ Luxury Bowling Strikes Red Rock Lanes

Here’s your chance to be the 'ultimate high roller' in Las Vegas

Las Vegas stays on brand as The Entertainment Capital of the World with its burgeoning collection of immersive luxury experiences. Bowling is no exception.

Red Rock Resort’s thunderous lanes now transform a traditional 10-pin alley into an augmented reality adventure. Brunswick Bowling—a well-known leader in the bowling business—presents new interactive on-lane games through their ultramodern Spark® Light it Up® experience.

From dancing bowling pins to trendy video game characters, the Spark experience just leveled up a classic American pastime.

Tell Me More About ‘Spark Light it Up’

Spark® Light it Up® debuts as the industry’s first immersive bowling experience with lively graphics and engaging on-lane games. Pro-bowlers and casual players are both welcome to explore this new epic experience. All 72 lanes are equipped to generate animated scenes for players of all ages. For birthdays and special occasions, Spark party packages are also available to accommodate large gatherings.

The sleek alley’s ambiance shifts when the black lights activate, switching the brightly lit lanes into a disco-like setting as the cosmic bowling begins. Upbeat music fills the spacious alley while lasers dance around the lanes, reminiscent of a nightclub. The Spark experience brings six different gaming experiences that apply innovative technology and feature comical cartoons with vibrant visuals.

Here’s a brief outline of what to expect from each game:

Angry Birds

One of the most popular game franchises, Angry Birds, has flung itself into the Summerlin resort. Fans of the characters will see the colorful birds appear on the lanes alongside certain pins. Knock all the pins down with the wingless creatures to rack up points. Watch the scoreboard screen to catch the cute little critters in action.


Have you ever had your face projected on a bowling lane? PinPix prompts guests to upload images of themselves from their smartphones or lane tablets so that they appear on the glossy lanes. When the bowling ball rolls over selfies, the pictures are bumped, pushed or destroyed. This is a perfect opportunity to whip out all those goofy outtakes in your phone’s selfie slush pile.

Rival Rumble

Enjoy a little friendly competition between buddies. For Rival Rumble, guests are challenged by the “best frame competition.” Plus, each team is given a “dynamic mascot” to cheer them on. Victory never tasted sweeter. In the words of “The Hunger Games” character, Effie Trinket, “May the odds ever be in your favor.”

Creature Feature

Halloween is more than a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. For the lovers of spooky season, Creature Feature is a year-round creeptastic bowling game. In this augmented reality experience, players enter a world run by cute little monsters. Strike down tombstones and dodge quirky creatures to earn points. Reminiscent of Scooby Doo, the ghouls and ghosts in this feature are more playful than scary.

Boom Bots

The Boom Bots augmented adventure is a “demolition-style” game. Keep a close eye on the pins and targets projected on the lane. When you hit those marks, you will significantly increase your score. Since the mini games are fairly short, be sure to try them all to find out which one is your favorite.

Spark® Light it Up® Experience

Last but not least, guests may also play the Spark® Light it Up Experience. This fun challenge includes an immersive digital display that integrates the tech-savvy bowling equipment, including the lane, scoring screen and tablet. Guests may also sync their phones with the app to keep their scores on their mobile devices when they leave.

The Best Kept Secret in Vegas: Bowling Alley Pizza

With Red Rock Resort’s impressive restaurant collective, it seems like their bowling alley food is overlooked. Do yourself a favor and come hungry. This underrated gem serves essential bowling alley bites like pizza, nachos and hot dogs.

Pepperoni and cheese pizza are the top sellers. But if you are craving a good, old-fashioned hot dog, look no further. Fix your frank just how you like it with all the toppings available, neatly organized in the condiments sidebar.

Wash it all down with a fresh fountain soda, milkshake or a cold beer. These beverages pair well with a foldable yet crispy slice of pizza, loaded nachos and savory fries. Adding the snack bar goodies to your luxury bowling experience is a must.

Plus, the customer service is impeccable. The bowling alley staff and food service workers go above and beyond to ensure guests are satisfied. Red Rock Lanes’ team members are welcoming and helpful, making visitors feel at home.

The Spark Happy Hour Special

Even though this is luxury bowling, which means it costs more than an average 10-pin game, locals and tourists alike will save some green by reserving a spot during Spark Happy Hour.

During regular hours, the Spark experience starts at $50 per hour per lane and accommodates up to five players (so if everyone pitches in, it would only be about $10 per person for the lane), but shoe rentals aren’t included.

Catering for special events at Red Rock Lanes / Courtesy of Red Rock Resort and Allied Global Marketing

If bowling at an earlier hour won’t cramp your style, reserve a lane for Spark® Light it Up®  during their happy hour, which runs Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. During this time frame, it only costs $35 per lane and shoe rentals are only $5 per person.

PRO TIP: When I tried the Spark Experience with my partner at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday, the bowling alley was nearly empty.

The good news is that if the slots aren’t your thing, you can still be the ultimate high roller in Vegas at Red Rock Lanes. But if you don’t strike, please spare me.

The Deets

What: Spark® Light it Up® – luxury bowling augmented reality experience

Where: Red Rock Lanes inside the Red Rock Resort

When: The Spark experience’s regular hours are Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. and on Sunday from 12 p.m. to midnight. Spark Happy Hour runs on Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Website: https://www.redrockresort.com/see-and-do/red-rock-lanes/

To make a reservation, save a spot on the OpenLane app or give them a ring at (702) 797-PINS (7467).

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