Sit, Sip, & Study: 3 Cafes To Explore Off-Campus

Goal For The Semester: To not make Lied Library my second home

If you’re like me, then you find it quite difficult to see the university library as a sanctuary for all your studying needs. Instead, I prefer a study spot that comes equipped with a casual environment, nice background noise and the ability to accommodate to any drink or food cravings that may arise during my study breaks. 

Sunrise coffee

Location: East Sunset Rd.

Sunrise Coffee on Sunset is the OG Las Vegas coffeehouse. Open for 11 years, Sunrise has become a well-known local hangout. There are lots of seating options both indoors and outside on a lovely patio. But for remote workers the coveted spots are the couches and cushy chairs just to the left of the entrance.

This is a place that is equally popular among remote workers as it is with college students studying and folks looking for a social outing. With that being said, there’s usually a lot of chatter inside, so bring your headphones.

Their endless food and drink options, along with its plethora of seating arrangements, make it absolutely worth the trip. During lunch hours, order tasty sandwiches and burritos, most of which are vegan-friendly. The cafe bakes its own breads and pastries and serves single-origin, organic, Fair Trade coffees sourced from micro co-ops as pour overs, cold brews and a variety of lattes. The staff is always incredibly friendly and the vibes are always good here.

Sit, Sip, & Study Tip:  If you’re planning on sitting there, grab a seat at the couch first because it won’t be there after you order!

Makers & Finders

Location: Arts District & Summerlin

Makers & Finders is a vibrant, upbeat restaurant coffee bar where specialty coffee, inspired Latin food and culture are the program pillars. The place serves dinner, too, and it’s a hugely popular spot for weekday lunch and weekend brunch.

If the weather is pleasant and you can go without being plugged in for a couple of hours, the shaded patio is a lovely place to get some reading or work done. The setting is brightly lit with unique murals and positive affirmations throughout the lively space that attracts a large fan base. The full service experience transforms a coffee shop into a bustling café.

Sit, Sip, & Study Tip: Study breaks are just as important as studying!  Pick up a coffee and wander around the Arts District or Downtown Summerlin to refresh your brain.

Gabi Coffee & Bakery

Location: Chinatown

Gabi Coffee & Bakery—the not so secret, “secret” cafe. Thanks to social media, the word is out on this charming bakery and cafe in Chinatown where, even though it will inevitably be crowded, you will still feel like you’ve stumbled across a special secret. There’s single-origin coffees, excellent teas, and a number of different creations, as well as excellent salads, sandwiches on house-baked breads. And don’t forget to try a sweet treat from their selection of gorgeous house-made pastries.

This is a great place to meet up with friends, but if you’re flying solo with just yourself and your computer, the staircase seating in the back usually has some spots available and is a cozy place to kick off your shoes—literally, you have to take your shoes off—and sit on a comfy cushion to get some work or reading done. 

Sit, Sip, & Study Tip: Sit, sip, and study here, like seriously! Find your favorite spot to sit at and then order, because there are always people going in and out of this “secret” place!

Until the UNLV Lied Library finally decides to add more quality food and drink options, I will stick to some of these study spot alternatives. You really can’t beat a study spot with an expansive menu, comfortable seating and an inspiring environment.

Find out What Your Favorite Vegas Coffee Shop Say About You?

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