The Secret Life of Las Vegas Pets Merlin and Charlie Cooperman

Check out two of Las Vegas' cutest furry friends in this exclusive interview

By Melinda Sheckells

Names: Merlin & Charlie Cooperman; mom is Las Vegas influencer Abbi Cooperman and dad is Station Casinos executive Tal Cooperman.

Ages: Merlin 2 years old / Charlie 4 months old

Breeds: Staffordshire Mix / German Shorthaired Pointer

Occupations? As pups, our only job is not to potty inside the house, LOL. 

Where did your names come from? I was named after my Mom’s favorite wizard growing up, and our Dad always loved the name Charlie. 

Insta? TikTok? Yes, I have an IG @merlincrime, Charlie’s will be coming soon. 

Dog park or nah? My sister Charlie hasn’t been yet, she’s not big enough, but soon! And I LOVE the park, but I’m scared of the birds. 

How long have you lived in Vegas? My Mom’s lived in Vegas for 14 years, and my Dad’s lived in Vegas for 7 years.

  • Charlie Cooperman
  • Merlin Cooperman

What is your favorite post from your account?  My rescue story! I changed both of my parents’ lives forever. It is very special because they almost weren’t able to rescue me due to my previous parents still having ties with me while I was at the shelter. I still don’t know what happened or how I was so lucky to go home with them, but they drove to California to get me last January, and they told me I was part of a “sensitive case,” and they couldn’t have me. I had been there for three cold winter months and they were going to send me to doggy heaven if I wasn’t going to be released. My Mom called every day until they let her have me. They also found out after they left that I had a brother. My Mom used social media to help find him a home, as well. A true love story. 

Who is your favorite four-legged friend on social or otherwise? I have so many! @simba.thesamoyed @gunnerndallas (I’ve always wanted a Samoyed sibling, but Vegas is too hot) @robbyandpenny are hilarious!

How did you find your forever home? My parents are still working on that! But, I think Vegas will be it. The quality of life is truly amazing here, and it’s so easy to quickly get away to other close-by, amazing destinations like the park. 

Tell me about Mom and Dad? My Mom graduated college from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 2006 and struggled to pay bills for the first month and lived on her friend’s couch. She came to Vegas for a birthday and fell IN LOVE with this city. She packed her car and moved here two weeks later. Now 14 years later, she’s worked in some of the most-sought-after nightclubs and dayclubs in Las Vegas. She’s transitioning out of working there and focusing back on her photography. She met my Dad in 2013. He was living in L.A. at the time. They dated long distance for the first year, and then they decided to make the big love jump! He moved here in 2014, Mom and Dad got married in 2015, and now he’s the executive creative director for all of Station Casinos. 

Who is whose favorite and why? They’re both our favorite. I’m a Mama’s boy all day, and I won’t go outside unless she’s there. Charlie and Dad have a strong connection. She LOVES her Daddy. 

Favorite toy? I destroy a new toy every week, but I love bright orange or pink toys. And neon tennis balls. 

Mom and Dad are out on the town a lot … where can we find you when they are gone? What is your secret activity? In the past, my parents went to L.A. or Hawaii. But with COVID-19, we’ve been home mostly. Hawaii is our second home. We love North Shore in Oahu. Lots of secret beaches, hikes and food spots. 

Best part of being a big brother? I make Mom laugh when I play with Charlie. So patient. I never got to have fun as a puppy because of my bad past, so she loves seeing Charlie teach me how to play. She even taught me how to play fetch! 

Favorite treat? I’m allergic to everything, so I eat pretty clean. I love a clean raw beef rib right off the bone. I also love these duck wrapped sweet potato treats they give me. Charlie loves anything we give her. 

Biggest splurge you don’t want any four-legged friends to know about? I think the amount of toys we’ve got and can go through. I can’t even count how many I’ve destroyed, LOL. 

Biggest pet peeve? Charlie and her rock chewing. She loves them so much. I am an angel baby and can do no wrong. 

Favorite animal charity? @savingcarsonanimalshelter and @animalinterest are the two that helped me find my parents and bring me home. They will forever be so special to me, and they do SO much for the rescue community. Truly angels!

Best part about being an LV Top dog?  It’s our first article! How cool is that!? I won’t let it get to my head, but we’re so excited to be part of LV Top Dog!

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