The Secret Life of Pets: Gina the Pahrump Parrot Diva

Meet this one-of-a-kind bird with 33 relatives

By Melinda Sheckells

Gina is the diva of Pahrump, the Nevada town also known as Berlin West for its wide kaleidoscope of offerings (from underground mansions to race tracks). From her (literal) perch, she discusses her shared taste with with Snoop Dogg, her valuable plumage, swearing for likes and how she is soon to migrate to east Las Vegas.

Clothes or nah?

Gina: That sounds borderline offensive. Considering how sought after my second-hand plumage is (meaning what drops off of me organically). I have people literally offering me human dollars for it. Try Ethereum maybe? On my way to [becoming] a social media celebrity. When I’m irritated, I have a tendency to swear, and those posts predictably get a lot of likes.  I love attention, yet [I} do not like to be touched.

Favorite treat?

Gina: I partner in taste with my caretaker on this one. We both love vegan raw cheesecake with cashews, coconut milk and raspberries. Also, it doesn’t matter what I’m eating: I will call it all apple. That is what I know. However, my person tells me that Snoop Dogg and I have a joint taste for what humans refer to as pistachio.
Where were you born?

Gina: I know I was born in Oregon because I have a metal band on my foot. I never met my mother and father. I wonder how my life would’ve been had they raised me.

What’s the story behind your name?

Gina: My name is Gina, [but] my caretaker calls me Big Shot. She said if I were human, I’d be a supermodel.

Single or ready to mingle?

Gina: I had a mate. His name was Dalton, but he is the Big Skybox now, long story. I currently have a few suitors but nothing serious.

Biggest pet peeve?

Gina: It’s when I hear humans say, particularly now in pandemic times, “I feel like a caged bird,” and, oftentimes, they are the same folks who keep us in actual cages or condo cages or visit us at select restraining establishments.

Favorite charity?

Gina: Madam Macaw Foundation—my caretaker runs it. If you know a relative of mine in need, email

Favorite place to fly?

Gina: My Berlin West, aka Pahrump, hood for now. But my 33 relatives and I are very excited to move to a tree-laden eastside property in Las Vegas in the coming months.

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