3 Reasons Vegas Fright Nights at Opportunity Village is Spooktacular

Visit three haunted attractions and support a good cause

As pumpkin spice perfumes the air, haunted house attractions emerge all over the valley. Vegas Fright Nights returns to Opportunity Village along with the family-friendly HallOVeen town at Magical Forest. This spooky season they also offer an all-new scare experience. If you’re looking for a fun spectacle to try, here are three reasons why you’ll love Vegas Fright Nights at Opportunity Village.

Photo Courtesy of Vegas Fright Nights

Three Haunted Houses, One Price

For only $25, Halloween lovers can experience three different haunted house attractions: Nightmare Manor, Clown Invasion in 3D and Blood Barn. Vegas Fright Nights offers three haunted attractions for $5 less than Las Vegas Haunts which only includes two Halloween attractions, Asylum and Hotel Fear, for $30. Spend less money on more experiences at Fright Nights. 

Nightmare Manor features a dark house filled with frightening characters hidden in every corner. The mischievous spirits that haunt the Victorian home look forward to playing wicked games with anyone brave enough to enter. If you enjoy the company of ghoulish tricksters, this bloodcurdling haunt will make you jump several times.

Clown Invasion in 3D appears colorful and cheerful at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. Inside there are demented clowns awaiting a circus lover gone astray. Guests wear 3D glasses to see the fun house in a whole new dimension. Along with the spine-chilling giggles and a ball pit of doom, this haunted house is “dying to show you a good time.”

Blood Barn is an ominous space filled with gore and “chainsaw wielding maniacs.” Between strobe light blinks, horror fans witness a table of bloody tools belonging to the terrifying butcher and eerie dark figures lurking around the barn. There’s something unsettling about being greeted by a sinister farmer wearing a pig mask with an ax at the entrance that is hard to shake. This is a new attraction added to the Vegas Fright Nights. 

  • Photo Courtesy of Vegas Fright Nights
  • Photo Courtesy of Vegas Fright Nights
  • Photo Courtesy of Vegas Fright Nights

Creepy Costumes and Scary Scenes

The creepy costumes and scary sets at Vegas Fright Nights are all very unique from one another. 

The Blood Barn looks just like it sounds. The farm animal masks, singing chainsaws and gory butcher scenes gave me goosebumps. The strobe light blinks kept me on my toes as I pushed forward through the stomach churning scenery. 

The pitch-black hallways between rooms and hair-raising music in Nightmare Manor are chilling. Walking into the dark rooms, I couldn’t see anything. But I heard staggering breaths inches away. Gulp.

Although I’m not personally afraid of clowns, these insane jesters made me jump countless times. The endless laughter and random honks took me by surprise. And the brightly colored walls paired with the 3D glasses effect offered a trippy experience. I didn’t have the guts to enter the ball pit, but I saw glowing clowns swimming through the play pen like sharks. Watching them emerge from the sea of colorful orbs is jarring. Eek!

Proceeds Support Opportunity Village

Vegas Fright Nights is an attraction hosted by Opportunity Village, a non-profit organization that serves people in Nevada with intellectual and related disabilities. The cast and crew of these haunted houses truly appreciate the community’s support and enjoy entertaining Sin City during the holiday seasons.

Marty Wood, Director of Marketing at Opportunity Village said he enjoys these holiday attractions because they make guests and volunteers very happy.

“My favorite part is whenever anybody does anything at the Magical Forest for HallOVeen and Vegas Fright Nights [are] the big smiles on their faces, and hopefully most of the people who come here know that all of the proceeds go to helping more than 3,000 people that we serve on an annual basis. And these people are with intellectual and related disabilities so it’s a really heartwarming thing for people to enjoy and at the same time do good for the community.”

One of the volunteers at Opportunity Village, Daniel Dudas, expressed why he loves working as an actor at these haunted attractions, “Because I get to scare a lot of people.” The enthusiasm in his voice expressed joy and excitement for their holiday spectacles. 

From representing the organization as ambassadors to being involved in fun volunteer work, Opportunity Village provides many ways for people to serve and help people with intellectual and related disabilities. Every dollar you spend at this non-profit goes back to providing opportunities for them. 

Celebrate this Halloween season by attending Vegas Fright Nights for a good scare and a good cause.

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