We Girls Can Do Anything: Music for Women in Power

Celebrating a historic November with the ultimate girl power playlist

By Tiffany Bosman

November 2020 will never be forgotten, that’s for sure.

One of the most glorious moments of all has been the election of Kamala Harris as the first female, first black, first South Asian vice-president-elect of America. Breaking glass ceilings across the board, Harris represents a new chapter of gender and racial inclusivity for this country. Here are 10 songs we love that make us want to celebrate over and over again.

“Work That” Mary J Blige

The song of choice for madam vice-president elect. Harris chose this MJB fan-favorite power track to walk out to at the Biden/Harris victory event.

“9 to 5” Dolly Parton

In this classic working woman’s theme song, Parton highlights some of the common hurdles females face in a male-dominated workplace, while making you feel like you’re still on your way to take your boss’s job.

“Run the World (Girls)” Beyoncé

This girl-power Beyoncé anthem will get you ready to slay the day whether you’re prepping for that big presentation or just going out with the single ladies.

“Vivrant Thing” Q-Tip

When asked to define “Vivrant,” Q-Tip explains that the word means “living” in French, but in what was his first solo single he says it represents, “a feeling, like just a breath of fresh air, kind of like spunky, poppin’ zest and all that there.” We agree.

“Woman’s World” Cher

This dance track from the goddess of pop is the story of rising above troubles and sorrows to claim the rightful spot on your own throne–be it the dancefloor or the boardroom. 

“Respect” Aretha Franklin 

Cue this to play after any, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking,” moment. 

“You Don’t Own Me” Lesley Gore

“Don’t tell me what to do and don’t tell me what to say,” a classic line from this classic song that is all about being your own person and making your life what you want it to be. 

“Bad Girls” M.I.A.

Another South Asian powerhouse, M.I.A.’s classic track embodies the global fearlessness of women.

“I’m Every Woman” Chaka Khan

This quintessential hype song is a must for when you’re feeling yourself and wanting to celebrate the magic of being a capable and multi-faceted female. 

“Brown Skinned Girl” Beyoncé

Harris being the first Black and South Asian person to be elected as vice president had parents across the country talking about how much it meant to them to be able share that moment with their children and especially their daughters of color. Representation matters. 

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