Which Las Vegas Spa Treatment You’ll Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Discover your astrologically ideal spa sesh

By Melissa Gill

Find the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by taking some sound spa advice from Las Vegas astrologist Cleopatra Jade. Every zodiac sign, whether you’re a fire or an Earth sign, deserves a relaxing day getting pampered. There are myriad spas and spa treatments in town, and according to zodiac expert Jade, here are some great ideas for which type of self care to select based on your chart.


Represented by the ram, we know this sign for being audacious and diving headfirst into challenges. For Aries, Jades says, “You’re quite the go-getter and always active. A deep tissue massage would be excellent for those overworked muscles.” Loosen up those tense shoulders by booking The Healer massage with a deep tissue enhancement at The NOW Massage opening on Feb. 12. Close your eyes and let this treatment reduce your muscle pains while boosting your vitality.


Taurus comes across as laid-back with a calm demeanor, but they’re also some of the hardest-working people in their fields. This sign values comfort, loyalty and stability. To unwind after a long day on the job, Jade says, “As a Venus-ruled sign, it’s essential for you guys to feel luxurious and have soft, glowy skin.” Why not treat yo’ self to Simply Radiant’s Hydrafacial. This treatment will restore and nourish your beautiful complexion.


Playful Geminis are social butterflies juggling a variety of passions. To keep these quick-witted ones interested, they need to entertain their dynamic personality. Jade tells us, “You’re the curious type who enjoys trying a variety of different things, so look into booking a few hours at a day spa to fill your world with options.” The NOW Massage has a variety of enhancements you can add on to your massage for an additional $10. To keep your experience from feeling predictable, mix it up by adding Gua Sha to your massage, a Chinese technique soothing stiff muscles with rose quartz tools.


Highly intuitive, we know Cancers as sensitive signs who nurture their loved ones. Represented by the crab, these water signs are protective of their emotions and may retreat inside their shells to shield themselves. Jade’s expertise tells us, “The moon is your planet of rulership, which could cause your system to be prone to shifts. Take a trip to a salt room to relieve your breathing.” Rejuvenate yourself at the Salt Room LV. They are running a special right now called Elevate Your Vibration Self-Care package for $60 (valued at over $120). This treatment includes a Himalayan Salt Rub, aromatherapy and more.


Ruled by the sun, these fire signs are natural born leaders, and their charismatic personalities shine through all their creative endeavors. While they are usually full of energy and excitement, it’s necessary that they take time to relax to avoid burning out. According to Jade, “Your sign rules the upper back; a rubdown that focuses on that area of the body like a Swedish massage would be great for you.” Set time aside and schedule The NOW Massage’s Swedish-inspired signature massage, which reduces stress and anxiety.

Photo Credit: The NOW Massage


As a perfectionist at heart, these Earth signs overthink. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, their brains often work like a computer with too many tabs open. It’s time to hit the refresh button! For Virgos, Jade says, “There’s a tendency to find yourself on a loop of thoughts, so you need a significant de-stressor; that is why reflexology would be an excellent way to relax.” Spring Mountain Reflexology offers great deals on foot reflexology. For a basic foot reflexology massage, treatments start at $20. They also offer packages that include cold packs, hot packs or sea salt scrubs.


Represented by the scales, we recognize these air signs as balanced, diplomatic and charming people. Even though they are level-headed, decision-making and confrontations can stress them out. They are generous but must even things out by self-indulging now and then. In an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, Jade says, “Your sign rules the lumbar. A lower back massage or hot stones would be [an] ideal [spa treatment].” Give yourself an overdue self-care session at Eastern Spa Massage, which prides themselves in having the most relaxing hot stone massage in town.


Mysterious and wise, these secretive water signs strive to achieve their goals and aspirations. As thoughtful leaders with a natural ability to read emotions, they feel easily drained in social settings and hectic environments. It’s necessary they step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to recharge their batteries. Jade says, “Stress accumulates with Scorpios,” and their “sign rules the reproductive system.” To restore balance, try Simply Radiant’s Orgasm Shot. This treatment is painless and increases sexual wellness in women.


For Sagittarius, Jade says, “Being a fire sign, you could use a good sweat, so it’s only natural to check out steam rooms or infrared saunas to get your body flowing.” Turning up the heat to soothe your sore muscles should do wonders. The infrared sauna treatment at Vanity Beauty Boutique improves circulation, increases relaxation and relieves tension from joints and muscles. Detoxify at the sauna to ease the stress your body’s accumulated.


Represented by the goat, we know these Earth signs as work-obsessed, ambitious and pragmatic. Jade says that Capricorns “need a nice place just to be pampered for all the grinding they do on a day-to-day basis,” and their “sign rules the skeletal system, so consider teeth whiting or the chiropractor.” If you’re looking to brighten your teeth, Vanity Beauty Boutique’s teeth whitening treatment can lighten your teeth up to 14 shades brighter in one session. Learn more about their beauty services here.


“As the water bearer, you are generally open to trying the latest innovations, so when it comes to health resorts, check out something like a float spa or even cryotherapy,” Jade says. Cryotherapy uses cold therapy to stimulate the body’s natural ability to combat pain and inflammation. Eliminate toxins, improve sleep and revitalize the body by setting up an appointment at Glace Crynotherapy. This fascinating process serves as a great conversation piece next time you chat with a friend.


Known as being one of the most empathetic signs, these imaginative water signs have the powerful ability to calm others and easily adapt to their surroundings. “Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, causing these signs to be more sensitive to vibes,” Jade says. “Your zodiac sign is associated with the feet. Take a trip to a foot spa to ease any tension you carry in that part of the body.” For $10, you can add on a foot scrub to any massage you schedule at Integrative Muscular Rehab. IMR offers massage therapies including cannabliss, cupping and more.

For more astrology advice, follow Cleopatra Jade on Instagram.

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