An Open Letter to John Kunkel, CEO of 50 Eggs, About Yardbird

You haven't had a rack of lamb until you've been to Yardbird

By David Morris

Dear John Kunkel,

While we truly love Yarbird, and hands down your all-day brined fried chicken is Las Vegas’ and possibly the country’s best, you are so much more than your exquisitely crisp birds. And while people might not know that your team is also behind Chica’s Latin cookery by “Top Chef’s” Lorena Garcia and is responsible for elevating The Venetian’s pool-side offerings at Spritz, we don’t want to distract from the point of our letter.

We previewed Yardbird’s Easter menu and, wow, Chef Adrian Vela is on point. Between the handmade duck rigatoni to the hummingbird cake, this limited-time menu needs to stay. But if we could humbly ask that if you only keep one item, please consider adding the pecan-crusted rack of lamb that seems to have been perfectly reduced in red wine. Every component from the crunch to the accompanying shoestring sweet potatoes is perfection.

Posted by Yardbird Southern Table & Bar on Friday, March 26, 2021

We ask why deprive those who miss its limited Easter run this week? It’s like what you did to fried chicken, but dare we say even better? The public needs this. What do you say?


Your Friends at On The Strip

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