Are Those Dumplings at My Doorstep?

Just opened: Cali Dumpling Delivery

By Mya Constantino

After SoCal entrepreneurs Allan and Candace Tea teamed up with L.A.’s Mama Lu’s Dumplings for their dumpling-making knowledge, the couple decided to launch Cali Dumpling Delivery, and now Las Vegas, too, can get in on the Chinese dumpling goodness. 

In the Dumplings 

With Cali Dumpling, you’ll be able to taste traditional Chinese dumplings that you’ve learned to love from the comfort of your couch. I know, truly revolutionary. Handcrafted and prepared by chefs that care, Cali Dumpling offers a menu that ranges from tasty Shanghai Pork and Shrimp Wontons, pork pan fry-styled dumplings and Pork XLB.

What You Need to Know
WHO?: Cali Dumpling Delivery
IT’S: A Chinese dumpling delivery service
BRAINS BEHIND IT: Allan and Candace Tea
FUN FACT: Cali Dumpling Delivery was birthed overnight by founders Allan and Candace Tea to help those in the hospitality industry who’ve been affected by the pandemic.
DELIVERY: Monday & Wednesday – Southwest Vegas | Tuesday & Thursday Southeast Vegas
PRO TIP: Place your order by 8 p.m. the day before your delivery day to get your dumplings on time
DELIVERY IN: California, Bay Area, San Diego, Las Vegas
WEBSITE: Explore the Dumplings
INSTAGRAM: Look At Those Dumplings

Tell Me, What’s Your Flavor?

Be a part of the dumpling making process. Each bag delivered to you contains 30 flash-frozen dumplings and instructions on how to prepare them. Easy enough, right? The brains behind this business venture, Allan and Candace, made sure their menu included a variety of fillings. Here’s a list of fillings you can expect from the menu: Pork & Chive, Pork & Napa Cabbage, Shrimp, Pork & Napa Cabbage, Fish and Vegetarian. 

The Cost

The dumplings range from $16-$18. Cali Dumpling charges a $10 flat delivery fee.

The Gist

“Does this mean that I get to feast on Chinese dumplings while in my pajamas all day?” 

Yes, that’s exactly what this means. With so many different fillings and styles on the menu, Cali Dumpling is practically the holy grail for dumpling connoisseurs and lovers alike. 

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