Now Brewing Vegan-Friendly in the Arts District

Just opened: Golden Fog in the Arts District

By Rob Kachelriess 

[ Update: Golden Fog has updated their hours to 8am to 4pm due to Governor’s pause.]

The Deets

WHAT: Golden Fog

IT’S: A new coffeehouse in the Downtown Arts District 

OPENED: October 10, 2020

BRAINS BEHIND IT: Owners Derek and Juliet Douglas, Lead Barista Sean Atkinson

FUN FACT: Juliet drinks tea. Derek is “the coffee guy.”

LOCATION: The shareDOWNTOWN apartment complex (1300 S. Casino Center Blvd.)

HOURS: Saturday to Sunday | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

WEBSITE: Check out all the coffee you’re gonna drink

INSTAGRAM: A coffee joint with an artsy side

Credit: Shannon Dorn

Lattes a Vegan Can Love

The Downtown Arts District continues to grow with the addition of Golden Fog, a coffeehouse on the ground level of the new @shareDOWNTOWN luxury apartment building. The name is partially a tribute to the San Francisco roots of Juliet Douglas, who owns the business with husband Derek. It’s a warm, industrial space with large windows and rotating works from local artists on display (and on sale). Golden Fog is extremely vegan friendly. There’s no up-charge for plant-based milks. (Ask about the Goodmylk blend of water, almonds, salt and dates.)    

Coffee with Quality

All of the coffee beans are from Sightglass in San Francisco. Request a pour-over to fully enjoy single-origin beans from the great coffee regions of the world. Ethiopia and Colombia are always represented with two others in rotation. (At last check, Guatemala and Kenya.) Each selection, brewed to order by the cup, has its own profile-setting on a machine that grinds the beans with the same consistency each time. The always-ready house brew is balanced and approachable—good on its own or with cream and sugar—for those on the run. The espresso uses a greater ratio of water to coffee than some competitors, which allows for more sweetness and room to let flavors emerge. All drinks are currently served in disposable cups to maximize health and safety during the pandemic. 

  • Credit: Shannon Dorn
  • Credit: Shannon Dorn
  • Credit: Shannon Dorn

Beyond Java

Golden Fog has a robust tea program. Each serving is triple-stacked, which means the tea is infused three times, allowing a full spectrum of flavor profiles to emerge. While other coffee shops might use a concentrate or powder, Golden Fog prepares its chai tea latte with loose leaf tea, cardamom, cinnamon and other spices soaked in agave for a hint of sweetness—steeped before milk is added, then strained.   

Even the hot chocolate is exceptional. Golden Fog melts 70-percent Ecuadorian Dandelion chocolate with almond milk, then adds a little extra steamed milk on top for foam. Customers are welcome to mix in sugar, but fans of dark chocolate will enjoy the drink without modifications. The mocha latte is prepared in similar fashion, but with espresso added. 

If you’re hungry, a wide variety of pastry options are available, including sweet, savory and vegan. Try a croissant, bagel, cookie or even an apple turnover. 

The Cost

Coffee and espresso $3.50 to $6, loose leaf teas $4.25 to $6, other drinks $2.50 to $6, pastries $2.50 to $7.

The Gist

Despite being in an area with other notable coffeehouses (including Makers & Finders, Vesta, and PublicUs on Fremont Street), Golden Fog is carving out its own niche with its tea program and vegan-friendly options while championing a high standard for single-origin coffee beans. As the Arts District continues to grow, there’s more than enough customers to go around.  

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