Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart Offers a Trip to Another World at Datamosh Bar

Drinks that complement a trippy experience

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart at AREA15 is an otherworld-like interdimensional grocery store with eight semi-hidden portals that lead to a 52,000-square-foot interactive art installation with 60 installation-filled environments, 250 unique projects made by more than 325 artists from a huge variety of disciplines and gateways to other worlds. Throughout all is a storyline of the mythical and fictional family-owned Dramcorp parent company and unraveling the mystery of the disappearance of founder/CEO Walter Dram while exploring the magical Forked Earth and company offices along with some elements of time travel.

But before seeking out the portals take some time to peruse the fake and real products in the “store,” such as cubed peas, moth milk and dehydrated water (an empty can with directions to add contents to water). Some are actually for sale, like the nut-free salted peanuts (which is actually a can of salt) and Who Told You This Was Butter? (an air freshener spray that smells like butter).

Photo Credit: Dave Canela

Exploring all of the above can take an hour or most of a day, depending on how adventurous and curious you are, and after strenuous spelunking, venturing down slides, exploring and experiencing such pure escapism, you may need a break along with some refreshment. And, while not part of the storyline, but a supposed glitch within the space that exists independently, the Datamosh bar nonetheless carries on the theme of wonderment, uniqueness and sensory stimulation. 

Explore Omega Mart’s Semi-Hidden Bar

There is no sign or directions for the bar specifically, but the semi-hidden bar is tucked away on the other side of the grocery store pharmacy on the first level. The exhibition offers seating for 58 and the room is outfitted with comfortable black leather stools, one wall featuring representations of whale parts and another with posters depicting Omega Mart products and the seven trippy cocktails on the menu. 

Try These Drink Menu Highlights

One of the highlights of the beverage list is Day Ghost, a beer made exclusively for Meow Wolf by the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Marble Brewing (Meow Wolf is based in nearby Santa Fe, New Mexico). In 2020 Marble had brewed Gohan Lager, a Japanese-style lager, at its pilot brewery that proved to be a huge hit across its taproom locations, and after a few test brews and recipe refinements Day Ghost was created in its image. Brewed with Rahr North Star Pilsner Malt, brewers brown rice flakes, Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops and Oktoberfest Lager yeast, it’s easy-drinking and approachable to anyone anywhere and melds nicely with our desert climate.Not surprisingly, the can the beer is packaged in is itself a work of art, emblazoned with the Meow Wolf logo and its bright colors. The beer can only be experienced at Omega Mart, Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe and the soon-to-open Convergence Station in Denver; and at Marble Brewing taprooms in Albuquerque.

Photo Courtesy of Marble Brewery

Sip on The Source

As for the cocktail creations, the most visual drink which puts on its own show, is The Source: a mix of mezcal, Lillet Blanc, shiso, tarragon syrup and citrus which when delivered your server releases an enchanted photo-worthy bubble that releases smoke and rosemary aroma when it pops.

Photo Credit: Laurent Velazquez

Lift Your Spirits with Happle Juice

A wild show for your tastebuds can be found in the Happle Juice, made with vodka, apple liqueur, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, happle juice (made from unfiltered apple juice, simple syrup and rice milk), citrus and apple blossom bitters. But the real kicker of this drink is the “buzz button”—an eatable verbena flower which after chewing delivers a fun, enjoyable tingling sensation in your mouth that lasts for about five minutes.  

Photo Credit: Laurent Velazquez

Taste a Nostalgic Orange Dream

Kids are not allowed at the bar seats, but are permitted at the tables, and there’s a drink just for them, or anyone wanting to relive their childhood: the Orange Dream, a throwback to the creamsicles from your childhood, made with orange juice, vanilla, non-dairy vanilla whip and ginger ale (which adults can order spiked with mezcal or vodka).

Photo Credit: Laurent Velazquez

Note: To enter Datamosh a ticket to Omega Mart is required. Admission prices are $49 for adults; $45 for children, seniors and military; and $39 for locals. Hours are 10 a.m. to midnight daily.

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