One Bite Wonder: Wagyu Black Pepper Steak at Din Tai Fung

Taste the spicy sweetness in the super-soft Mishima American Wagyu beef at Aria

By Marisa Finetti 

Available only at Din Tai Fung’s Las Vegas location inside Aria is the Wagyu Black Pepper Steak ($38).

You’ll want more than one bite of this super-soft Mishima American Wagyu beef bathed in a luxurious mouth-coating sauce balanced by spice, heat and sweetness.

Tossed with Shimeji mushrooms and multi-colored bell peppers and onions, the complexity of flavors and tenderness of the beef from the delicate marbling contribute to the distinctive richness factor.

As Executive Chef Chen-Wei Chan says, “It’s like eating ‘beef butter.’ ” While eating it might defy words, you’re inclined to remember the experience.

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