Sample a Taste of the Amalfi Coast, Crack a Vodka Soda and Watch This Tea Bloom

Where to eat and drink around Las Vegas this week

By Melinda Sheckells

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This week, Tasty Tuesday talks Amalfi with Bobby Flay, cracks a cold one from Tommy Bahama and indulges in afternoon tea at Founders Coffee.

Bobby Flay’s Amalfi at Caesars Palace 

The superstar chef’s new restaurant at Caesars Palace is inspired by his favorite vacation destination, the Amalfi Coast and a restaurant he loves there called Lo Scoglio. When he is in Italy, Flay spends about three hours a day eating lunch at the famed family-run business. 

Taking the place of Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace, Amalfi pays homage to the rich pastas and fresh fish of the Tyrrhenian Sea and beyond. Specialties range from Squid Ink Fettuccine with lobster, shrimp and Fra Diavolo sauce to Spaghetti Zucchine with toasted zucchini and parmesan cheese and a pesto made of shishitos.

A focal point of Amalfi is the fresh fish and seafood display staffed by a knowledgeable fishmonger, who is available to answer questions such as where the fish is from and when it arrived in Las Vegas.

Order a whole fish from the day’s selection of golden snapper, red snapper, black bass, branzino, Carabinero shrimp and more. Then, the catch is prepared grilled over charcoal or roasted al forno and served with a choice of Meyer lemon and capers, red pepper and Calabrian chili pesto or salsa verde.

And don’t forget a refreshing Amalfi Spritz.

Tommy Bahama Canned Cocktails

Tommy Bahama’s canned cocktails are as ideal for summer as their signature apparel. They embody the concept of a smooth sip—high quality, low calories and sugar. They come in four flavors: Mango Citrus, Island Orange, Hibiscus Lime and Island Tonic and each comes in under 110 calories and 4 grams of sugar. What you will taste in the can is vodka or gin and soda or tonic with the essence of the islands such as orange, mango and hibiscus. Bespoke distiller and marketer Coral Cay Beverage Group also proffers a line of finely made Tommy Bahama Spirits. Available at Lee’s.

Vodka soda mixed with a hint of mango and citrus flavors
5% ALC/VOL  –  100 Calories  –  2g of Sugar

Vodka soda mixed with a hint of tropical orange
5% ALC/VOL  –  110 Calories  –  4g of Sugar

Vodka soda mixed with a hint of lime and floral hibiscus
5% ALC/VOL  –  110 Calories –  4g of Sugar

Vodka tonic mixed with a hint of hibiscus and island gin botanical
5% ALC/VOL  –  100 Calories  –  2g of Sugar

Also, they feature a handcrafted spirits line.

Founders Coffee High Tea

Founders Coffee recently launched an afternoon tea at its St. Rose location. Founders Coffee offers tea every day from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Guests must call 48 hours in advance to schedule. It is priced at $40 per person and must have a minimum of two guests.

Highlights of this special Founders’ menu include a pot of blooming tea leaves, served in tightly wrapped muticolored pods, and a tiered tray of pastries and signature toasts. Favorites include avocado toast; smoked lox with chive cream cheese, chopped boiled egg, capers and chives; and egg salad with chopped boiled egg, pickled relish, chives and garlic aioli. The pastries vary from black and white cake to chocolate covered strawberries and from quiche and mini cinnamon rolls, among other delights.

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