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The Daily Snack: Station Casinos Switches Up Its Cafes

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Two new restaurants are coming to five different locations at Station Casinos properties

By OTS Staff

The Grand Café brand has been a part of Station Casinos family of restaurants now for several years—but it’s time for a change. These three-meal-a-day “coffee shop” concepts are being reimagined and converted into the Lucky Penny or Brass Fork at five different locations.

The Deets:

Lucky Penny is now open at Red Rock Casino and Green Valley Ranch and Brass Fork will be opening at Sunset, Boulder and Santa Fe Station in April.

• Menus feature modern American cuisine with a twist of worldly flavors and traditional café classics—think country fried steak and six-cheese baked mac.

• Cocktails at Lucky Penny include the Farmer’s Market Mary, The Coffee Roaster and the Creamsicle Mimosa and must-try entrees are the Vegas Cheesesteak, Calamari Fries, Pizza-Dilla and The Penny Burger.

• Lucky Penny and Brass Fork are 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• Each cafe offers fresh pastries and desserts from the bakery.

• The menus feature vegan, keto and gluten-free options.

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