Vera Wang Launches Her Own Fashionable Prosecco

Vera Wang Party is a sleek and stylish sparkling wine, but is it any good?

By Rob Kachelriess

 Vera Wang is an iconic fashion designer known for making the world’s most famous celebrities look their very best. But what does she know about sparkling wine?

“I do like to drink, it’s not a huge stretch,” jokes the entrepreneur, who recently launched Vera Wang Party, her own premium Prosecco brand.

The wine has a light straw color with a rich, decadent viscosity. Notes of apple, stone fruit, white peach and apricot emerge from the very first sip, making it a bright, easy pairing for a cheese plate or fresh fruit.

Wang says the final product is the result of a thorough tasting process and collaboration with second-generation winemaker Claudio Manera. The Prosecco is produced entirely from Glera grapes grown in Piemonte, a colder region in Northern Italy near the Swiss border. It’s a spumante, producing a bit of wow-factor in the levels of bubbles and fizz.

Initially, Wang was inspired to market a drink for weddings and other celebratory events, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continued last year (and such events were often postponed or cancelled), she shifted direction.

Celebrating Life’s Precious Moments with Prosecco

“We thought about it, (and realized) Prosecco is not only about weddings,” says Wang. “It’s about celebrating life. You could be celebrating by yourself — party of one — or you could be celebrating the small moments of life that are important. The daily moments.”

“Neon is a very strong part of my present vocabulary in fashion.”

Vera Wang

Of course, as a fashion innovator, Wang wouldn’t settle for anything less than eye-catching, stylish packaging. Party is the first Prosecco approved by FIVI (the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) for sale in a metal bottle. The artwork is modern and minimalistic — no label — with the word “Party” displayed in a bold neon yellow graffiti-style font.

“As a designer I’ve been working with neon quite a bit lately,” says Wang. “It implies to me… youth and energy. Neon is a very strong part of my present vocabulary in fashion.”

What Makes Prosecco Special to Vera Wang

The Vera Wang brand has expanded dramatically over the years, stretching from clothing and fashion to fragrances, eyewear, jewelry and even bedding through a partnership with Kohl’s. Vang also recently put her name behind a limited-edition collaboration with Chopin vodka, but seems to have an especially personal connection with Prosecco.

“I have fond memories of drinking Prosecco in the summer… I’ve always enjoyed it,” she says. “It’s light, it’s effervescent, it reminds me of joyful times. It’s not something that has to be taken so seriously.”

Wang notes that Prosecco is also a versatile component for cocktails, including traditional Italian favorites like an Aperol Spritz or Bellini. And it doesn’t hurt that Prosecco is incredibly popular. Roughly 2.5 billion bottles are sold each year.

“It’s very challenging, but also very exciting,” says Wang about launching the Party brand.”The more you study, the more you learn, and the more you see. It’s not strictly about alcohol. It’s about creativity. And that’s something that I’m always up for… It’s a wonderful moment to be in this industry.”

Where to Enjoy a Glass of Prosecco

So where’s the best place to enjoy a glass? Wang says it could be on a beach or in a backyard. It could be in Positano, the Hamptons or Malibu. Yet ultimately, the location doesn’t matter as much as the ability to relax and be yourself.

“Prosecco represents one side of me,” says Wang. “The funny or crazier side of me that I don’t always show or have the opportunity to express. It really is the side of me that I feel is fun, cheerful, hysterical, crazy… For that reason, I’m very excited about it.”

Vera Wang Party retails for $25 and is distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Visit for more information on where it’s sold in Las Vegas.

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