Check Out New, Thrilling Family Outing Opportunities at Area15

Enjoy 200,000 square feet of endless entertainment opportunities with the kids

By Rob Kachelriess

The possibilities at Area15 (3215 S. Rancho Drive) are endless. The 200,000-square-foot entertainment warehouse has a variety of attractions with appeal for a wide variety of ages. Check out an ideal itinerary for bringing the kids along for the ride.

First Stop: Five Iron Golf

Warm up for your Area15 excursion by renting a bay for your family at Five Iron Golf. Parents can sip on drinks from the bar while children take lessons from an experienced pro on the fundamentals. QR codes are in each bay to order food and drinks, including soda and juice for the kiddos. 

Second Stop: Emack & Bolio’s

Bring on the brain freeze! The ice cream treats at Emack & Bolio’s are next level. Flavors (which total more than 75 a year) rotate in and out frequently, with a heavy emphasis on creative combinations like black raspberry with white and dark chocolate chips or the Mud Pie mix of coffee, chocolate and Oreo cookies. The products are made with responsible ingredients, and quite a few vegan options are always available.  

Third Stop: Birdly

Spread your wings with Birdly, a flight simulator that takes virtual reality to new heights. Lay down on the machine with your arms extended while wind blows through your hair. Choose between simulated sky-high journeys over the New York City skyline or a Jurassic world of dinosaurs. 

Fourth Stop: Brainstorm

Art and science meet in an experience that will have you wondering: How did that happen? Brainstorm reads your brain activity and responds with colorful patterns. Can a machine really know what you’re thinking or feeling? Now’s your chance to find out.

Fifth Stop: The Beast by Todd English

Grab a bite at The Beast by Todd English to relax and recharge before moving on to other attractions at Area15. Parents will love the mix of BBQ and Asian cuisine, especially the Korean corn dogs and Singapore-style street noodles. Youngsters will wolf down familiar favorites from the “Little Beast” menu, including cheeseburgers, pizza and pasta. 


The Beast by Todd English at Area 15 ???? #TheBeast #ToddEnglish #Area15

♬ Steampunk – Joystock

Sixth Stop: Oz Experience

Family unity could be the key to success during this virtual-reality adventure. Participants in the Oz Experience divide into teams, donning goggles and backpacks to enter four different, free-roaming computer-generated environments. Travel through space, board a roller coaster or navigate the ledge of a metropolitan skyscraper.  

Seventh Stop: Rocket Fizz

One for the road? Take home a souvenir you can munch on with a collection of treats from Rocket Fizz. The candy shop traditionally has a retro vibe, but the new location at Area15 is a little edgier with graffiti art plastered on the walls. You can still enjoy all the ring pops, cotton candy, chocolates and lollipops you can handle, but the real fun is the soda selection with every flavor imaginable, from maple syrup to pickle and plain old root beer ready to drink.  

Reservations are encouraged, if not required, at most Area15 experiences. Book online today. 

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