Franco Dragone, Criss Angel Team for Mysterious Production

'Mr. Smiles & Molly' will launch later this year, according to a vague two-paragraph announcement

By Jason R. Latham

Sometimes the presence of two big personalities is enough to carry momentum for a collaboration that’s not entirely defined. So when Franco Dragone and Criss Angel announce they’re getting together on a project, it’s like your two favorite music artists joining forces for a new single. 

You have no idea how it’s going to sound, but you’re pretty sure you’re going to like it.

Dragone and Angel are set to launch “Mr. Smiles & Molly” sometime this year, according to a purposely vague two-paragraph announcement that went out Monday. Described as an “Interactive Immersive Euphoria,” “Mr. Smiles & Molly” is a “surreal pre-night club experience” that Dragone sees as a “bold fusion between the world of electronic music and theater.”

Again, purposely vague. Is it a stage show? A lounge act? Is it even in Las Vegas? What’s a “pre-night” club? The whole thing just raises so many questions, and that’s the point. Until more details are released, “Mr. Smiles & Molly” is banking on name recognition to generate buzz. 

So far, it’s off to a good start. 

The project will be the first collaboration between Dragone, who conceived and directed Cirque du Soleil’s celebrated “O” and “Mystère,” as well as Wynn Las Vegas’ “Le Rêve” and Celine Dion’s “A New Day …” at The Colosseum; and Angel, who started his run on the Strip in 2008 and whose production “Mindfreak” at Planet Hollywood is currently on hiatus due to the pandemic.

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