OMG, L.O.L. Surprise Concert Tour Is Coming to Vegas

‘Calling All B.B.’s’ for the first live U.S. Concert Tour of L.O.L Surprise dolls

Attention (Little Outrageous Littles) L.O.L. Surprise fans, your favorite fetching fashion dolls are coming to life and coming to Las Vegas. 

The global toy phenomenon announced its first live U.S. concert tour on Tuesday, a coast-to-coast romp through more than 100 cities, headlined by all biggest names in L.O.L. Surprise and O.M.G. (Outrageous Millennial Girls), including Series 1 faves Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Neonlicious, and Swag.

The rest of the cast hasn’t been announced, but true fans know you can’t do a live music show without appearances by Metal Chick, Fame Queen, Bhad Gurl, and Ferocious – you know, from the Remix Super Surprise set. 

The concert tour is billed as a “high energy, interactive show” featuring familiar L.O.L hits such as “I’m a Queen!” and “Calling All B.B.’s,” plus new tracks from the forthcoming L.O.L. album that will surely have the elementary school crowd in a tizzy. 

Dates and locations for the upcoming tour, including the stop in Las Vegas, haven’t been announced, but you can reserve tickets online via the Lyte reservation platform.

For the uninitiated, L.O.L. Surprise and its companion franchise, O.M.G. are the product of the geniuses at MGA Entertainment, who realized that parents would spend upwards of $15 for the privilege of seeing their children unbox three-inch doll characters with individually-wrapped accessories. 

The idea was so lucrative that MGA expanded with a line of oversexed 9-inch fashion dolls with impossibly slim waists and extra-wide waists; each one packed with a dozen or so easy-to-lose accessories. Both toy lines are bolstered by an army of online influencers that make it their life’s mission to sell every upcoming wave to your children.

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