Plan for the Ultimate Solo Adventure at the Otherworldly Area15

Experience everything from golfing to riding a crazy fun zip-line

There’s so much to do at Area15 (3215 S. Rancho Drive), it’s almost difficult to keep track of everything. Whether you’re a natural lone wolf or passing through Las Vegas on a business trip, it’s easy to go stag at Area15. Here’s the perfect itinerary for exploring the massive entertainment complex on your own time and at your own pace.

First Stop: Art Island

Be impressed before you even step foot inside Area15. Art Island is a fascinating collection of large-scale installations outside the main entrance. Snap selfie after selfie in front of a giant owl, the “wreckage” of an airplane fuselage or a post-apocalyptic take on the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. 

Second Stop: Haley’s Comet

Yes, the spelling is correct. Climb aboard Haley’s Comet—a seat-for-one with a bird’s eye view of the Area15 interior. The motorized zip-line travels on a track, making it easy to get a good look at the venue and anticipate the other attractions you’re about to explore. 

Third Stop: Emporium

Get into the zone and have fun at Emporium, a gaming arcade and bar rolled up into one. There’s a great selection of craft beer and cocktails (on draft so they’re fresh and taste exactly the same each time). Loosen up and play a few rounds of pool, shoot a few basketball hoops, or hop behind the screen of a classic video game.   

Fourth Stop: Five Iron Golf

This golf simulator is perfect for groups of any size, from large families to a party of one. Book your own driving bay and see how far your ball can travel in a world of virtual reality. Five Iron Golf has its own dedicated bar, so you can sip on a drink between strokes without competing with large crowds. 

Fifth Stop: Museum Fiasco

The music is pumping like a nightclub, and the combination of lights and mirrors is the very definition of a “sensory overload,” but there’s something calm and meditative about Cluster, the debut installation at Museum Fiasco. Wander the exhibit at your own leisure and let your thoughts roam free. (It’s too loud to have a proper conversation with anybody else anyway.)

Sixth Stop: The Beast by Todd English

You should be getting hungry right about now. Make a pit stop at The Beast by Todd English. The venue is billed as a food hall, but it’s really a full-service restaurant with a variety of kitchen stations. Since you’re flying solo, ask for a seat at one of two bars, where you can view the flames of the BBQ station up close. Splurge on Japanese A5 Wagyu or enjoy some comfort food like the smoked wings prepared with a hefty “butcher’s cut.”

Seventh Stop: Omega Mart by Meow Wolf

Wrap up your visit to Area15 with Omega Mart, a twisted “grocery store” by the Meow Wolf art collective. Give yourself time. The sprawling attraction leads to unexpected areas where interactive, multi-sensory art exhibits are front and center. By going at your own pace, you’ll be able to examine exhibits in-depth, picking up on subtle clues that bring the story behind the attraction to life—specifically, the mystery connected to Dramcorp, the fictional company that owns and operates Omega Mart.  

Reservations are encouraged, if not required, at most Area15 experiences. Book online today. 

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