Enjoy Mayhem and Mystique at The Magician’s Study

Amid the grandeur of Vegas Strip magic shows, with massive stages and special effects, a more intimate show rules the scene from an ever-changing venue.

The Magician’s Study is a cutting-edge magic show that captures the essence of Vegas in a way that larger-scale productions simply cannot achieve. Its popularity continues to skyrocket through well-crafted social media exchanges, word of mouth and the sanctity of mystery that’s rare to find these days.

The Magician’s Study

image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

The tricks are a mix of classic and innovative, with true illusion mastery at the forefront. Cards, flying objects and props drive the show’s plot, with seamless transitions into the next portion of the show. As one could expect, charming — and slightly hokey — magic show music is a fixture at key points in the performances.

The venues are a mix of upscale and hole-in-the-wall, with the commonality of maintaining a sophisticated, “cozy library” aesthetic. Irregular changes in location ensure that previous audiences probably can’t trace it back to their original viewing spot, and it keeps repeat offenders and Vegas visitors on their toes.

The Magician also takes a no-holds-barred approach to audience interactions. Jokes and funny insinuations that trend towards the raunchy side are common in the lineup, making the 21 and over age limit very necessary.

image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

Maintaining the Mask

Hiding The Magician’s identity is crucial to the show’s reputation. As a result, nobody knows who The Rabbit is.

In a recent interview, The Magician notes that efforts to remain anonymous fall under varying stages of denial, both in-person and online. Extreme measures are taken to maintaining the secrecy. Social media is constructed to reveal nothing about The Rabbit’s identity, and even forums like Reddit don’t reveal details that would otherwise shatter the illusion.

The Rabbit’s real name was not revealed to me once throughout the entire interview, nor did I ask.

The Magician expressed gratitude for the online fans and threads that exercise discretion when talking about the show’s location and The Rabbit’s identity.

The mask — which is frequently compared to the signature giant ears of DEADMAU5, I was told — is the touchstone for the show. It only came off after the doors were closed and the purses were zipped, with phones tucked away.

A word of advice: don’t try to take pictures of The Magician without the mask. Phones are strictly forbidden during the show, and it’s not easy to catch The Rabbit sitting still for too long. Plus, the deception will ruin the experience for everyone else.

Book a Show — If You Can

Show times run every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.— and the spots fill up fast.

Currently, The Magician’s Study tickets are sold out for most of the month. Show times open up in increments, so diligence in checking for availability is important here.

Ready to reserve a show time? It’s not so easy. A few fun hurdles stand in the way of a swift online booking.

Future guests can only book using a secret codeword that is obtained one of two ways: hounding Vegas influencers for the codeword, or emailing the Study staff on the website. Once the precious word is secured, following a page of instructions is the next step. All information will be emailed prior to the show’s beginning.

Visit The Magician’s Study website for more information.

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