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Embrace Movement, Intention, Nourishment and Connections

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Let's take a deep breath and count to 60 with mental health expert Lindsey Paoli

By Lindsey Paoli | @lindsey_paoli

Meet therapist, coach and founder of Fundamental Health Lindsey Paoli, MFT-Intern.

Mental health prevention can be as simple as incorporating some simple habits into your daily routine. I describe these habits as getting back to the basics of how we are meant to live, and I’ve made them very easy to remember with my acronym MIND Fundamentals: Movement – Intention – Nourishment – Deep Connections.  As I dive into each fundamental, think about whether you practice them daily and how you could be better.

MIND Fundamentals

Movement: Increasing your heart rate daily for just 30 minutes through healthy movement boosts mood regulation, decreases the fight-or-flight urges of anxiety, improves memory, enhances self-esteem and body image, improves sleep and creates cognitive clarity and problem-solving skills. You can get a bonus boost by completing your movement outdoors, and Las Vegas offers a ton of options with beautiful scenery, from hiking at Red Rock Canyon to skiing at Mt. Charleston to even walking the Strip.

Intention: Goal setting is NOT just for January—you should actually be setting and achieving small goals daily to get in the practice of working toward your biggest dreams. Think back to the days of lockdown in quarantine—we learned VERY quickly that we couldn’t just sit and watch “Tiger King” for weeks on end in our pjs before noticing our mental health beginning to plummet. Intentions can be as small as making your bed and as big as working on writing that novel you’ve been dreaming of for a while. You choose each day what type of goal feels best for you. The key, though, is to always strive to achieve it.

Nourishment: This means understanding what FUELS you. Eating healthy foods certainly plays an important role in positive mental health. The idea of fueling your creativity and inspiration is often overlooked as a part of mental health, but it’s an important one. What types of hobbies or activities allow you to enter the Zen-like flow state? These nourishment practices work as outlets from the rest of our life and could be writing, listening to music or playing sports. Your nourishment is unique to YOU. If you don’t KNOW what those things are—and so many of us don’t—set aside at least 10 minutes a day to try new things that maybe have been in the back of your mind for some time. 

Deep Connection: Human beings are tribal creatures. Another important lesson we’ve gained from COVID-19 is that we truly are meant to be connected with others—even the most introverted of us. Deep connections does not mean just scrolling Instagram and showering likes, it means having actual (sometimes difficult) conversations, embracing and sharing our authentic selves and making efforts to continually grow our network outside our comfort zones. 

How did you do? Are you already a pro at practicing these fundamentals for having a healthy foundation for your mental health? If not, have no fear, we will continue to help you master your skills each week during the MINDful Minute!

Visit weekly for Monday’s Mindful Minute with Lindsey Paoli.

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