Why I Can’t Wait to Stop Homeschooling My Kid

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Sailing the digital seas is making most of us very, very motion sick

By OTS Staff

We should have seen this coming in the spring, when school closures spurred our first awkward and frustrating attempts at distance learning. Now, in the midst of a full semester on the digital seas, we’re starting to understand why our parents were so eager to push us out the door when we were kids. 

Online learning isn’t the problem. The tools themselves are incredibly useful. But here’s why a lot of parents can’t wait until the day comes when they can turn off Google Classroom and send their kids back to school. 

This Stuff Is Hard

Trigonometry? Earth Science? We forgot about these subjects the second we graduated high school. How dare you drag us back into this nightmare? And don’t get us started on logic, as if the real world is logical. 

Overdoing It Much?

We find it hard to believe the amount of distance learning work assigned to our kids is equal to what they would cover on a typical school day. Surely these kids don’t get this much done in the classroom, do you really expect them to focus this hard at home?

Too Many Distractions

Can you imagine what it would have been like for us to go to school right next to our bedrooms? With toys, TV, and pets distracting us every 10 seconds? Even if your child has a designated learning area with one of those IKEA desk setups, it’s nearly impossible to hold their attention for an entire day.

We’re Not Teachers

We didn’t sign up for this, we didn’t go to school for it, and we’re certainly not getting paid to play the role of teacher for 5-6 hours every day. Every parent wants the best for their child, and the best would be to leave educating to the educators. 

We Need to Get Work Done, Too

There wasn’t enough time in the day before a poorly-managed pandemic upended our lives. Now we’re lucky to get 10 uninterrupted minutes in a typical day.

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