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Phone Number: (702) 438-2229

WHASN Central is the leading group of OB/GYN doctors that specialize in high quality health care for women. There's a full range of innovative techniques to promote good health practices through all phases of a woman's life.

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Jane Townsend Jane Townsend
Las Vegas, NV
Don't waste your time!

The OB I had been going to for years no longer accepted my insurance so he gave me the name of one of the doctors at the WHASN Pinto Ln. location to see instead. I made my appointment for a Saturday with the understanding I would be seeing the doctor I had asked to see. I was asked a lot of questions about my health and being a new patient, I completely understand, however, I felt they were too probing--like why don't I have kids--really?. Regardless, when it came time for the exam, I was only seen by a NP, not the actual doctor. I've only been examined by a doctor for my past yearly exams, and maybe this is the new norm, but I wish they would have told me that that is the case and I was not going to see an actual doctor. I typically get a paper script to take to the pharmacy but left the clinic with nothing--my bad (I guess?) but I thought they were going to call in my new prescription instead. They also did not give me paperwork for my mammo, but again, I thought they would call me after they had cleared it with my insurance. A week goes by and my pharmacy still did not have my script so I called the clinic to see if they could call it in. WHASN Pinto NEVER answers the phone--it's a recording that says they are currently closed. I called on a Friday and Saturday and both days I got the same message. So, I drive all the way back to the clinic which is NOT close to my house. I asked them why they have not filled my script and why they don't answer the phones. The admin tells me they don't answer the phone on Saturdays...what? She had no idea why the recording said office was closed when I called Friday.. Anyway, another person came out and apologized for not filling my script and asked me a bunch of questions before giving me the script. She acted like I had never told them I needed a refill for my BC pills. Then she asked me if I made an appt to get a mammo yet, and I said, how can I? I don't have any paperwork on that either...duh! She gives me both things and I thought that was the last I would see of them...I had specifically requested a mammo at SDMI since they have my records, but no, WHASN gave me paperwork for Desert Radiology who could't even get me in for 3 months. I called SDMI and made an appt for a weeks later. I go to SDMI and the receptionist tells me that they cannot take the order for my mammo because it was not "signed" by the doctor (or NP in my case)--she had only written her name on the paper. He tells me to call WHASN and ask them to sign the paper and fax it back so I can keep my mammo appt. I tried calling and AGAIN their phone goes straight to the message that they are currently closed. I called their main number and the women there transferred me to the same number. I called her back and asked her if they have another number for the Pinto Ln location and she said, no. Not even a back line number? Weird. SDMI would not take me because I couldn't get the order signed at that very moment and because I could not reach WHASN by phone, I had to drive AGAIN all the way across town from Henderson to have them sign the order for the mammo. I asked the admin again why their phones go to a message and she acted like I was crazy. I told her why I was there and it was the 2nd time I've had to drive across town because of their phones! I even called their office while standing there so she could hear the message. She had absolutely no response. So unprofessional! This place is ridiculous. I will NEVER recommend them or go back. My search is still on for a new OB next year. This has been literally the WORST experience I have had with a doctor. Driving across town twice just to communicate with them is UNACCEPTABLE!

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