America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Launches at Luxor

The smash hit TV program has turned into a Las Vegas show

Picture this. A girl and a guy are about 20 feet apart surrounded by spotlights lighting the stage. Everything else is dark around them and it’s so quiet you can hear cash vouchers being printed a short distance away.

“Left. Down. Stop. Ok.” 

You may think they are directions for a nearby crew member to fiddle with lighting in order to create the perfect show ambiance, but, it’s nothing like that. 

Instead they are instructions for the man, Alfredo Silva, from his wife, Anna. She is directing him on where exactly to make his shot. Alfredo is blindfolded and he is about to hurl a knife towards her body. Yes, you read that right, he is blindfolded and about to throw a knife at his wife. Now that is a trust that we tip our hats to. 

Anna and Alfredo are the knife yielding duo known to many fans of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) as Deadly Games. The pair performed on season 11 of the show and are one of many acts being brought to the new “AGT Las Vegas” show opening (November 4) at the Luxor. 

Photo Courtesy of Toni Gonzales

“What we wanted to do was bring the creative energy of the television show to the stage,” says Brian Burke, AGT Las Vegas show director. “We needed the best acts from all over the world, people that you couldn’t see on any other show on the strip or any other show in the world.”

And they succeeded. Not only did they include Deadly Games but there are other performers in the show’s cast. That  includes the charming and talented Kodi Lee. You may remember him when he captured the hearts of AGT fans in season 14. The blind and autistic Korean-American singer-songwriter belted out songs that would catapult him to the top that season and make him a winner. 

Similar stories to his are shared with most everyone throughout “America’s Got Talent.”

“We gathered the best talent from all over the world and everyone on this stage every night because of ‘America’s Got Talent’ is living their dreams, this show is Simon Cowell’s dream. It is all of our dreams,” said Brian, during a sneak peek preview for the media. 

For Preacher Lawson, AGT was about as far from reality as we residents know the walk from New York, New York is to Treasure Island.  That is to say, it’s freaking far. The host of AGT Vegas tells Off The Strip (OTS) in our sit down interview about the time he carried a negative $14 dollar balance in his banking account not that long ago.  

“This is crazy. I was on my first headlining gig ever. People paid money to come and see me and I am in the negative,” he says with unbridled enthusiasm. “Now I look at my bank account and I am like, who dat, who dat right there?”

Today he is primed to host the strip’s newest show with his sights set on an even bigger dream.

“I wanna host America’s Got Talent. That’s my dream,” he says referencing the big network television show. “I wanna get Terry Crews fired,” he laughs with gusto. 

“We had to come to Vegas, no where else is open,” jokes Preacher in a set performed in the show’s preview. In addition to Preacher and Kodi Lee, Vegas audiences will see The Clairvoyants, Jimmie Herrod, The Silhouettes and Dustin Tavella among others. 


WHEN: Wednesday – Sundays

TIME: 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: Luxor Theater inside Luxor Hotel & Casino, 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd


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