Boxabl Brings Back Affordability, Convenience & Pride To Home Owning

Las Vegas company Boxabl may be the solution to the current real estate problem

By Toni Gonzales | Las Vegas, NV

Raise your hand if you are over the real estate market. Renting, subletting or buying, it does not matter, it’s pricey, period. Houses are being bought sight unseen, inspections are being waived and cash only offers are putting most buyers so far back from the starting line, they can’t even see it. It’s not any better on the rental side either.

Well, hold the phone and get out your readers, you are going to really put your undivided attention on an option that is local to Las Vegas, convenient, spit-out-your-coffee-affordable and shippable! Ladies and gents, we are talking about Boxabl.

Take a look at this Casita. Cue the oohs and ahhs here. This 20-foot by 20-foot tiny home has everything you would expect a stand alone casita to have. “They come with a kitchen, bathroom electrical, plumbing pretty much everything you need inside the house,” Boxabl founder Galliano Tiraman tells Off the Strip on a recent tour of the factory.

As for the affordability, let’s talk about some numbers.

400 = square footage

$28 = estimated monthly energy cost

$2-$8 = per mile shipping cost

0 = carbon footprint

$50,000 = casita cost

Have you spit out your coffee yet? That’s right, for $50,000 you can own your own tiny home for what some are using as a down payment. What is not included are the costs for utility hookups, foundation costs or local permitting. Depending on where in the country you live an additional few thousand dollars can be tacked on. 

But, here are some features that for some are priceless. Boxabls are made right here in America, North Las Vegas to be exact. The casitas are fire resistant (keep in mind nothing is fireproof). Boxabls are flood and mold resistant thanks to the materials they are made of. They are also wind resistant. In fact, Boxabl meets the national standard for safety, so they can be occupied in any one of our states. And speaking of going state to state, “One of the core innovations for a Boxabl that makes factory mass production possible is that we have solved the shipping problem,” says Tiraman. “Our solution was a building that folds up into a highway legal load so that I can ship more easily and be compatible with existing shipping infrastructure. So this 20 foot room folds up to 8-and-a-half foot wide so I can ship easily.” 

Their low cost, excellent efficiency attributes and shippable convenience have made them incredibly popular. Boxabl currently has an order from the United States Defense Department not including the 60,000 people already on the waitlist. There are even reports that Tesla founder Elon Musk has one on the SpaceX compound in Texas.

The entire company is impressive. Not only have they found a way to build affordable, environmentally friendly homes, they have found a way to do it quickly and with extreme efficiency. Tiramani tells us that from start to finish a home takes about 90-minutes to make. That is less time than it takes to watch a Hollywood Blockbuster these days.

Boxabl is certainly giving those looking for alternatives to owning a traditional home some options. But there is one thing they are lacking in – workers. They are currently and actively looking to hire hundreds of people in order to keep up with the growing demand.

On the horizon Boxabl already has plans to make other models of homes. They are also looking to have stackable options that are easily customized. So, if you are tired of looking for a home in a Hunger Games-type real estate market, you may want to give Boxabl a look see.


5345 E N Belt Rd, 

North Las Vegas, NV 89115

Phone: (702) 500-9000



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