Carlos Santana Talks About his Career, Music and Vegas Experiences

Watch an exclusive OTS interview with music legend Santana

By OTS Staff

Off the Strip Founder, Jenna Nye, chatted with legendary musician Carlos Santana who is set to perform, “An Intimate Evening with Santana: Great Hits Live” at the House of Blues located inside Mandalay Bay starting on Friday, August 27. The musician talks about his career, music and Las Vegas experiences. Santana shared a range of emotions from fun banter to deep, heartfelt words throughout the interview. When it comes to Las Vegas, he explains what makes playing for a Vegas audience unique and what it’s like performing for an intimate gathering versus a larger crowd and how each performance is like playing in “the same house” but “just in a different room.” Here’s a few highlights from the interview.

You’ve been in Vegas for quite a while and you could be performing anywhere, what is special about a Las Vegas audience?

There’s a reason we’re right next to Area 51 because most of the people from here are from another Universe (laughs).

What is different about playing at a smaller venue like House of Blues versus bigger places you’ve played?

When I close my eyes, I could be playing in the parking lot or in Carnegie Hall or Woodstock or Madison Garden or here. When I close my eyes, I’m just playing to God and the Universe. But in here, [House of Blues], it’s more intimate. That’s a very good word. It’s more intimate, you know. It’s why we invite everybody. Let’s get inside the sheets.

What do you think will be different now when you come back to perform [after not being able to tour due to COVID]?

People are more ready than ever to be ignited, ready to be transported, not necessarily to get to Area 51, but transported to a place beyond gravity and time. 

Aside from the House of Blues, what are some of your favorite venues?

I like playing in Japan. I like playing in New Zealand. I like playing in Paris, of course [and] London. I like playing everywhere in the world. It’s the same house, just a different room at this point.

Watch the full interview with Carlos Santana below.

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