Carrot Top Celebrates 16th Anniversary with Friends

From ‘Star Search’ to sweet 16, Carrot Top is a favorite long time Las Vegas show

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Parties in Las Vegas are about as normal as days that end in ‘y.’ Be it a bachelor, birthday or anniversary celebration, Vegas is ripe for throwin’ down a shindig. But, when one of the most recognized Las Vegas headliners celebrates a special occasion, the moment must be marked with major significance. That is just what happened to Scott Thompson, better known as Carrot Top, when his show celebrated its 16th birthday – all of Las Vegas showed up. 

Many headliners showed their support for Carrot Top and his Sweet Sixteen. Penn & Teller, Piff the Magic Dragon, Blue Man Group, Tape Face and Terry Fator all showed up in a hilarious video that both celebrated and roasted the Vegas headliner. 


Friends and fellow Las Vegas headlining duo Penn and Teller appeared in the video with Carrot Top congratulating him on a successful run of 16 years. The video begins with Penn, Teller and Carrot Top getting into a limo. 

“Everyone’s all excited because not a lot of people have done 16 years here,” says Carrot Top.

“Not exactly 16,” says Penn. “We’ve done 26, but exactly 16,” he says, pointing to Teller.  

Teller nods, claps and offers a fist in the air.

“You’ve done 26 years here?” asks Carrot Top.

“Well, we are still running, [I mean] 26 so far,” Penn points out. 

To which an uncomfortable Carrot Top responds, “I probably shouldn’t have thrown this party.” 

“It’s a small party,” says Penn.


Soon the party limo is filled with longtime colleagues and friends ready to embark on an epic night of celebrating. 

“We are in Vegas, where should we go?”

The group stares blankly at one another (mostly because many of them can’t talk) before an idea is brought to the group.

“I have a show,” says Piff the Magic Dragon. 

“Ah, no,” replies Carrot Top. “I kinda wanted to do something a little more fun tonight.”


Carrot Top has a long history with Las Vegas. His headlining residency at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, dates back to 2005. His prop comedy and unique take on pop culture have garnered Carrot Top with more awards than can fit in his trunk, among the most prestigious are “Entertainer of the Year,’ and “Comedian of the Year.” Not a bad trajectory for a man who got his start on the show “Star Search” over 25 years ago. 


Carrot Top describes himself as a mix of George Carlin with his observational humor, Steven Wright for his dark, sick humor  and Gallagher with his prop comedy.

“When I started touring at the beginning of my career, I had two trunks and a strobe light,” said Carrot Top. “Now, here I am, celebrating 16 years at the Luxor with some of my best friends, who all came together to help me forever memorialize this anniversary!”  


Carrot Talk isn’t just a local favorite, he’s been appearing on television shows for decades making him a national name along the way. His first television appearance was in 1991 on “Comic Strip Live.” With 31 separate appearances on “The Tonight Show,” Carrot Top appeared on the last episode with one time host Jay Leno. 

For the younger kids, he was the host before Jimmy Fallon (insert patronizing tone here). He’s also been on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,” “Chelsea Lately,” “Last Comic Standing,” “The Neighbors,” “The Jim Gaffigan Show” and “Family Guy,” Most recently, he appeared in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens  and the Trailer Park Boys’ film Swearnet: The Movie.


WHAT: Carrot Top 

WHERE: Atrium Showroom at Luxor Hotel and Casino

WHEN: Monday through Saturday at 8 p.m.


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