Criss Angel and Franco Dragone Bring ‘Amystika’ To Las Vegas

'Mindfreak' prequel promises ‘euphoric and stunning illusions’

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Prequels are no longer reserved just for movies and television shows, at least not here in Las Vegas. Criss Angel is offering up a presto chango of his own for his next show on the Strip, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a prequel. 

Criss Angel and Franco Dragone are mixing their talents together for “Amystika – The Secret Revealed.” The show is described as one in which “immerses the audience in a spectacle of euphoric, stunning illusions, one-of-a-kind special effects, jaw-dropping stunts and much more.” 

To put it more simply, it’s a show you’ve come to expect from the longtime Vegas performer.
“Amystika – The Secret Revealed” teaser trailer

A Festivus Occasion For All

Amystika will begin preview performances just after Christmas on December 27. The opening night show will be at the Criss Angel Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. 

And Angel is marking the festivus season with cold hard cash for lucky audience members. He announced on his social media that he will be giving away $1,000 to ten people during the show. 

“So what the hell are you waiting for, get your tickets,” Angel says in the video. 

Prequel pre-MINDFREAK

“Amystika – The Secret Revealed” story takes fans to the days before “Mindfreak.”

“No pre-show gags, no banter, no old-fashioned theatrical ceremonies,” said Franco Dragone in a statement. “Here, you will dive into a world that will take you by storm!”

Angel one-upped his pitch, “This is a new breed of entertainment that’s beautiful, haunting, mysterious and inspiring,” he continued. “We believe it will be an immersive utopia!”

The show is described in much of the same fashion, “’Amystika’ conjures the fantastical and the mysterious and unleashes a visual feast of hope and triumph — proving that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams.”

Look forward to experiencing what is said to be “This euphoric, enigmatic world [that] pushes the boundaries of reality like never before as a real firestorm ignites and engulfs a human body, a tornado rages through the theater and a blizzard of snow falls so heavy it challenges the audience to see their own hands.”

Predicting A Perfect Partnership

Amystika will see the creative collaboration unfold between two heavyweights in The Capital of  Entertainment. Angel with “Mindfreak,” “Raw,” and “The Supernaturalists.” And Dragone who has called the shots on shows like “O,” “Mystere” and Angel’s “Mindfreak.”

Criss Angel History

Criss Angel has been a staple in Las Vegas for years. He first hit the pop culture scene with his television series “Mindfreak” on A&E. Since then, Angel has toured the world performing for audiences,  writing best-selling books and adding a few television specials to his credit.  It is reported  that Angel brings in an estimated $150 million a year to our city and makes $70 million.

Show Information

WHAT: Amystika – The Secret Revealed

WHERE: The Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

WHEN: Wednesday – Sunday, shows at 10:00 p.m.


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