Beverly Theater Coming to Downtown Las Vegas

Beverly Theater is set to open in mid-2022

By Melissa Gill

In Downtown Las Vegas, The Beverly Theater is a new creative non-for-profit space with nearly a $30 million commitment to the arts by the Rogers Foundation set to open in mid-2022. The theater plans to be a home for independent films, music events, artistic performances, literary experiences and educational opportunities.

The new venue neighbors The Writer’s Block and The Lucy, which are other downtown fixtures that continue to thrive in the Vegas arts scene. The Beverly Theater’s Founding Creative Creator, Kip Kelly, aims to showcase unconventional art and raise independent voices while offering a safe place for creative cinema.

In the theater, 150 raked seats are placed on a retractable platform allowing the theater to expand capacity with additional standing room and the capability to convert the space into a Black Box Theater by simply pressing a button. The two-story, 14306 square-foot film house and performance area features three uniquely designed areas: the main theater, the terrace and the courtyard. Each area brings its own distinct benefits that offer room for the community to purpose the space for creative content and programming.

With a 360 square-foot screen and a motorized cinema maximizing system–created to give every seat in the house the best angle of the screen, the theater’s design is ideal for showing films and hosting premieres.

When it comes to the venue’s audio, the theater is powered by the same system as Cirque du Soleil, Meyers Sound. A special feature they offer that enhances the sound experience is Constellation. The Constellation system is a platform that consists of high-quality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing and patented algorithms. The sound system also gives performers the option to be microphone-free while hosting an event or educational program. The equipment’s advanced technology puts forth opportunities for creators to work and play in a flexible space.

The film house has its own on-site box office, retail/concession area, catering kitchen, educational room and a fully-equipped green room. This offers creators, local artists and vendors a fresh workspace to bring their creative projects to life.

The new arts building intends to open a world of new possibilities for the Vegas community and it’s a greatly anticipated addition to the downtown area. The Beverly Theater is being built on sixth street and plans to open next year.

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