Dreamr App Changes Lives Through Philanthropic Network

Las Vegas couple’s salsa business receives $22,000 in Dreamr Tokens

Imagine sharing the biggest dream you carry in your heart and it comes true. The creators behind the non-profit Dreamr App, Founder Chris Adams and spokesperson, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, are changing lives through the app on their Dream Machine Tour — a 45 day traveling tour around the U.S. giving away $1 million in cash, crypto and prizes to make dreams come true. 

The tour kicked off in Las Vegas (the initiative’s Headquarters) at the Life Is Beautiful Festival on Friday, September 17 and has been traveling around the U.S. to bring to life people’s deepest desires. They have no idea where this app will take them. Which means there’s a chance you could also see your greatest aspiration come to fruition, too. Of course, I’m sure you might be wondering, how could this be real? What’s the catch? There is no catch, but let’s get into how it all started.

How The Dreamr App Got Started

Former Grammy award winner, music manager and Iron Athlete, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, survived a brain tumor and transformed his life by switching to a healthier lifestyle that led him to lose over 130 pounds. His near-death experience changed his life. He discovered what made him happiest was helping those without means realize their dreams. 

“All my dreams came true. I want to give [others] the same sensation I felt,” says Jabaley.

Chris Adams met Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley through his friend, Dreamy, about a year and a half ago. Coincidence? I think not. Then, Charlie drove to Las Vegas, where Adams is based, and their visions merged.

“Chris’ friend Dreamy introduced us. I drove from L.A. to Vegas and the rest was history,” says Jabaley.

The app started beta testing in late 2016, explains Adams, and Jabaley’s first Dream Machine Tour took place in 2018 when he biked across the country. 

Now they are on another tour this year and they are driving to people that declare their dreams on the app to help them achieve their ambitious goals. The creators are ecstatic as they watch their philanthropy vision come to life.

“It feels amazing. To see the tour grow into a foundation and become the philanthropic arm of the Dreamr Ecosystem is a dream within a dream. I’m super proud of Charlie and the incredible team he has put together at The Dream Machine Foundation,” says Adams.

The Dreamr Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to helping people by giving them the support they need to kick start their dreams.

“I get paid nothing. I sold two of my houses. This is the most fun thing [to do].”


How Dreams Get Funding

The non-profit receives funding through donors and partnerships that contribute monthly, explains Adams, along with donations from corporations like Hasbro.

The initiative uses a Dreamr ecosystem on their app aiming to help people build “a like-minded network” of individuals who want to help people be successful in reaching their highest aspirations. 

“Community is something that we’ve found to be foundational to the success of any dream.”


The app is still growing and working on creating new financial tools to assist Dreamrs. Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer marketplace and new services allowing users to hire talent to realize their dreams are all features in the works.

Currently, the app has 56,000 Dreamrs and has been acquiring about 1,000 new users a day since they launched the DMR Token — a crypto currency —  on September 10. 

“Our financial tools are being built in a decentralized manner so we can do our best to ensure equal access globally,” says Adams. 

Las Vegas Couple’s Dreamr Story

Here in Sin City, The Dream Machine Tour helped Daniella and Jason financially boost their salsa business, Smokey’s Salsa. The couple started the company to earn money to help their families reunite again. Extreme financial difficulties had caused them to split up. They had moved to Vegas following work opportunities looking to create financial freedom for themselves. They hoped that by starting a successful business that they could afford to move the rest of their family here. Thanks to The Dreamr Foundation, they are now in the process of making this a reality. 

“There was this dream we saw on the app of a Las Vegas couple with a salsa business. They wanted to get their family together and needed the money to bring them together,” says Jabaley. ““We sent them $22000 in Dreamr tokens to start their business.”

Jabaley also shares how they held a blind test at a local grocery store for customers to try Smokey’s Salsa versus a store brand salsa. He says everyone picked the couple’s tasty new dip. 

The couple couldn’t believe that they chose their dream among thousands shared on the app.

“Seeing other people share their dreams is so inspiring because it makes you feel like you’re worthy of pursuing your dreams. It’s so nice having a space to share your dreams, big or small, where you know the community will completely support you and what you want to do with your life. No other communities out there really do that,” says the couple. 

Want to share your dream or help others achieve their dreams? Let’s break down how to do both.

Declaring Dreams on the App

The Dreamr App is a free network where people can join and “Declare a Dream.” It is similar to social media except that its mission is to help people connect with other like minded individuals to make their ambitious goals become reality. 

“That dream declaration along with everyone else’s, is put inside our feature Dream Connect (the app’s current main function), which allows you to easily find relevant connections with the opportunity to hear their dream before deciding to connect with them or not. Other platform users discover your dream in this same way, and can decide to connect with you as well,” explains Adams.

If you have already achieved your dream, there are ways to support others to help them feel the same sensation of joy you did. Locals can get connected through The Dreamr Lab, too.

How Locals Can Help Dreamrs

The non-profit is based here in Las Vegas and there are ways locals can become involved. Those looking to support the foundation can donate, connect with Dreamrs on the app or visit ‘The Dreamr Lab’ at The Y at the Bill and Lillie Heinrich YMCA on 4141 Meadows Lane. 

“For locals, we have a great partnership with the YMCA of Southern Nevada to build ‘The Dreamr Lab’ at The Y, which is a computer lab but for the new-age, content creator. It has the ability for people to shoot and edit videos, a whole music studio with vocal booths and production equipment, and we completely infuse art into the spaces with artwork from local talent. One of these labs was funded by a community crowdfund on the first dream machine tour, and the second was a contribution made by Cox Communications and Dreamr, Inc,” says Adams.

Whether you are an aspiring musician or a rising entrepreneur, the Dreamr app is designed to help people connect and build a community that believes in their dream. It’s never too late to declare your dream and see what blossoms from it.

For more information, visit The Dreamr Ecosystem and download the app.

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